There’s Time for Bubbles

Above is a link to a new blog project of mine entitled, “There’s Time for Bubbles.” I’ve wanted to do something of this nature for a few years now but have been waiting for the right inspiration to hit. Visit the link if you are interested in reading about the struggles of parenting with CPTSDContinue reading “There’s Time for Bubbles”

“These Things Saith He” 10/24/21 Update

This is just a quick note letting anyone who is interested know that the necessary updates to “These Things Saith He” are completed. Here are links to the revised articles for your convenience. Lord willing, I plan to get back to regular posting. These Things Saith He — Introduction These Things Saith He — MethodContinue reading ““These Things Saith He” 10/24/21 Update”

Something Isn’t Right, But Some Things Are

Have you ever been in the middle of a project and ran head-first into a brick wall? That’s kind of what just happened to me. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Though, walking into walls literally isn’t uncommon for me. As is my nature it seems, literally and metaphorically or spiritually, sometimes I get so focused onContinue reading “Something Isn’t Right, But Some Things Are”

Site Menu Change for Finding Previous Posts More Easily

This is just a quick note for readers. I have loosely tried to keep organized as I go by creating categories and a simple website menu. As things have progressed, some categories have become overlapped and the website became “cluttered” and not so clearly defined. Plus, since there are almost 300 posts now, scrolling throughContinue reading “Site Menu Change for Finding Previous Posts More Easily”