January 17, 2021 Update

There are several things I said that I would write about or post, and I although I include the caveat of “Lord willing,” I still do not like to say that I will do things then fail to do them without explanation. So, I want to write a short update on what is going on right now, as far as I can tell.

Earlier this week I said that I would look over an article series I wrote on my last website about the resurrection and republish the article series here. I won’t be republishing that article series.

One of the things I intend to do here is take a look at the articles published at kindlingtruth.com and submit them to the judgement of God. I know that all of our works will be judged, and I want something worthwhile to show for what He has done. Some of the work there is decent. Some of it, like that article series, is not fit for much more than to be burned up. There are truths, but there is the spirit of accusation, slander, murder, and pride at work too in that series. I cannot salvage it.

I would like to write a new work on the resurrection. I have other things I want to look at too, and I am still considering the best way. I have considered the meaning of my vision/dream experience, and I want to write more about that. I have considered problem areas within the church, and I want to write about that in a manner that yields good things.

I have not forgotten about these things. It might be possible that I can consolidate all of these issues into one writing. None the less, I want to apologize for failing to republish the article series like I originally intended. I also want to say that the things I have set out to do are always on my mind. I intend to do it. However, having been a fool of great magnitude at times, I want to take some time to consider and to do well, Lord willing.

I think I am going to step away for this upcoming week and take some time to recover and gather my thoughts. I hope you all have a blessed week, and Lord willing, I will be back within a week refreshed and ready to resume the Proverbs study and tackle some of those issues.

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