Why The Name, “Jesus Alone?”

Is Jesus Alone a title that supports the Oneness Pentecostal teaching that is also called, “Jesus Only?” It’s understandable why some might get that idea from the title of this website as, “Jesus Alone” and TheLordAlone.com. The focus is certainly on the person of Jesus Christ and His gospel. However, I do not hold theContinue reading “Why The Name, “Jesus Alone?””

Site Menu Change for Finding Previous Posts More Easily

This is just a quick note for readers. I have loosely tried to keep organized as I go by creating categories and a simple website menu. As things have progressed, some categories have become overlapped and the website became “cluttered” and not so clearly defined. Plus, since there are almost 300 posts now, scrolling throughContinue reading “Site Menu Change for Finding Previous Posts More Easily”