These Things Saith He: Contents

I’ve decided that I am going to write a book on the 7 churches of Revelation and I want to take my readers along for the ride.

That might seem silly considering I only have a handful of regular readers, but in my mind, each person is valuable whether there is one or hundreds and I appreciate the input and perspective of my readers.

So, I plan to share the work as it is written then provide access to the completed and edited work–which will include the insight shared by my readers 🙂 So, please do share your thoughts, questions, things I should cover, etc. You can leave a reply in the comments section or send an email (see the About page for email address).

For starters, here is the content outline of the book in basic terms. I will most likely tweak these titles for improved reader engagement/readability. I have inserted some notes detailing what each section will include.

What would best serve you? Does this seem to cover all the bases you would want covered? Do you have ideas for section/chapter titles or a better way of ordering/dividing up the chapters?


  • Introduction: The purpose behind the book (edification of the church) with a focus on the defining attributes of Jesus and why He matters most when considering His words to the churches (hence the working title of the book, “These Things Saith He”)
  • Method of Interpretation: My view concerning the use of prophetic scriptures for today and my perspective on how we can best apply the letters to the churches today.
  • Symbolism/Terminology: A look at common symbols and sayings within these letters.
    • Seven Stars and Seven Golden Candlesticks
    • “I will remove your candlestick out of its place.”
    • Doctrine/Deeds of the Nicolaitans
    • Synagogue of Satan
    • “He that overcomes and keeps my works.”
  • The Letters to the Churches: A look at the letters to each of the 7 churches in Revelation Chapters 2-3. I will look at each church. Each church will be divided into three chapters for a total of 21 chapters. The three chapters for each include:
    • Overview: The letter and the interpretation.
    • Scripture: Scripture that relates to the letter and the interpretation.
    • Overcoming: A discussion in how Christians can use the letter, interpretation, and scripture to strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ.
  • Conclusion: I have no plan for the conclusion, but I would like to wrap it all up with an ending chapter.

If you are interested, I have articles written on the 7 churches of Revelation that you can read and comment on. For each church I wrote a post that includes my understanding of these letters in basic terms and a post that includes my personal experiences/lessons learned. As of now, you can find them in the blog roll or under the category tags “Doctrine” “Revelation” I am adding these book chapters under the category tag “These Things Saith He.”

5 thoughts on “These Things Saith He: Contents

  1. A great idea. I pray the Holy Spirit guides you through your writing about and interpretation of Revelation and the churches.
    Revelation is a metaphor and vision rich book of the Bible and will take much discernment through the Spirit.

    This is a post I wrote about the Mark of the beast –

    As you can see, it is challenging.

    God bless you.

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    1. Thank you, Stephen. I read you article. Thank you for sharing. It is challenging. I think there is an application of Revelation for every generation, including the final application. There are cycles that repeat because of the nature of mankind. All of our kingdoms are the beast in a sense. That final one will be like no other but just like them at the same time. That’s my understanding anyway.


      1. We will see. I look for the trumpets to sound first. Sorry for misspelling your name in the comment I left on your article. I talk to two other Stephen/Stevens! Good name!


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