Fear is a Form of Worship

I don’t always fear God as I should. This is especially true when I begin to exalt my fears as being higher and mightier forces in my life than God Himself.

I was talking with a loved one yesterday about this cycle I tend to go through. I have a lot of responsibilities in this life. Too much really for one person, so I eventually work myself into severe physical, mental, and even spiritual exhaustion.

When I am in one of these exhausted states, I tend to fall into fear and depression. I look at my circumstances that are too much for me, and I do not always trust in God as I should.

Or, though I trust in God, I know that I am not entitled to good and easy things, and it seems to be His will that I should suffer certain things that are beyond my control. This suffering causes depression as I begin to question myself and my calling of the Lord. I’m good at accusing and gaslighting myself. It’s a learned behavior that I need to let go of, and instead, trust that the Lord is for me. Even in my circumstances, which He controls, He is there and He is in control.

We need to repent of fearing the “floods” and “heatwaves” of this life because all things that we fear become things that we exalt in our minds as being mightier forces than He who made them.

There are literal floods and droughts that those who worship climate change fear, both those who state that climate change is man-made naturally and those who point to scientific manipulation of the weather.

There are symbolic floods and droughts too. There is a never-ending flood of information, a lot of it false, that sweeps people away into the depths of deception. There is spiritual dryness that results from the tendency of man to trust in things that do not really fill them instead of trusting in Jesus who promises to give us a “well of living water” by His Holy Spirit—the Spirit of Truth.

Our world is flooded with worship of man: lying, manipulative, and deceitful man. Greedy man. Prideful man. Murderous man. Adulterous man. Power hungry man. False spirituality, man-made ideas about societal equity and righteousness, and all sorts of deceptions that lead people away from Jesus.

Not all things are as they seem in the media and in the world at large. Of this I am certain, so I try to remember Jesus who “judged not by the sight of his eyes neither reproved after the hearing of his ears” because there is One who remains despite it all and He is in control. He will judge righteously in manner that favors “the meek of the earth” and not those who who slander, accuse, cause division, and fuel chaos for their own power-grabbing purposes.

Do not fear man. Do not exalt man above God.

Do not say that nature is angry or that “Mother Earth” is angry. The creation is not above the Creator.

Fear God and exalt Him.

Trust in Him also.

I will strive to do the same, trusting in the Lord to part the waters of the floods of this world while also providing me with a never-ending supply of living water that no drought can take away. I pray that the floods recede, that the droughts turn away, and that the people of God stop fearing in Man and instead fear Him.

I know what it is like to feel as if you are dried up yet pulled under the depths of the sea at the same time, I know that the Lord, Jesus is still there.

He makes a way, but we need to understand that we do not deserve anything but trouble in this life. We need to humble ourselves and understand that man is nothing but dust and the fact that God considers us at all is amazing.

Not only does He care enough to show mercy and to hold us accountable for what we do wrong, He cared enough to send His Son to die for us so that we can escape the just result of our sin: death. We have all caused death and we all deserve it. Yet, in Jesus there is a way.

So, no matter what floods, droughts, or other disasters come—literally or symbolically—do not fear them or exalt them. Fear God and glorify Him.

If we don’t, we might find that we get more of the same.

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