The Pain Behind the Pride

I see it. The pain behind your pride. I see it because this was me too.

I’m sure there are traces remaining.

How strange it was to discover that I had pride. I was always so insecure.

Then I realized, pride and insecurity are good friends.

Insecurity seeks to be relieved through pride, but pride just makes insecurity grow.

How to escape it? Why does it matter?

“Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Jesus lays low the proud. Boy does He.

He does so for our good because if we are proud, we cannot love properly.

Pride prevents love.

I consider a reversal of the “love chapter” in 1 Corinthians 13.

Replace love or “charity” with pride, reverse the context, and see what happens.

For example:

“Pride suffereth none, and is unkind; pride envieth; pride vaunteth itself, is puffed up,

Doth behave itself unseemly, seeketh her own, is easily provoked, thinketh on evil;

Rejoiceth in iniquity, but rejects the truth;

Beareth nothing, believeth in its own things, hopeth in its own things, endureth no others.”

Beloved brother or sister in Christ, I pray the Lord heal the pain behind your pride, so that we can love Jesus as we should, love each other as we should, and be united in the One Who loved us first and Who loves us most of all. There is no pride between brethren. We all need Jesus.

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