Covet Christ

Paul the Apostle told the Corinthians to “covet the greater gifts.” I certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from seeking gifts of the Spirit. However, I cannot help but think about something else that is true, and that is the fact that all things will one day pass away as they make room for the return of Jesus.

I don’t covet offices. I never have. I have coveted Christ.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m trying to one-up anyone when I say this. I say this because I think this is a good mindset for us in this time. Instead of coveting offices, I think it is better for us to covet Christ.

I don’t know what my roll or office is because that isn’t something I’m after. I seek to get to know Jesus and have a heart after His own heart. That is what I covet. Second to that, I covet brining my brethren along with me in whatever measure the Father gives me to inherit of the Son. I want to know His will and His heart, live it more fully, and share these things with others.

I think that is fitting, because when He returns all else will pass away, and I think this is the heart of God for us in this time. I think we should all seek to have a heart that is after the heart of our Father in heaven—not a heart that is after the heart of this world and the princes thereof.

Too much has gone awry over the many years since our Lord left—simply too much to fight it all. I would like to fight it, as much as it given me to do so. However, far better that I should seek the heart of Jesus and have mine be the same. Far better to know that many things will pass away, but He will never pass away.

I know this might not be a satisfactory answer for those who wonder what I am doing or what office I claim to hold. It’s just not something I think much about. “The Lord’s portion is His people.” Let Jesus be ours, and in so doing we also inherit one another because it is together that we can grow up into Christ. I see nothing wrong with that, but maybe I speak as a fool.

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