Get Behind Me, Satan

The idea of Christian suffering is heart-wrenching. I do not relish in it whatsoever. However, I do know that suffering in this life pales in comparison to the goodness sewn in the Kingdom of Heaven. I would rather see myself or someone I love to suffer in this short life and reap a great and everlasting reward. I think of what Jesus said to Peter: “Get behind me, Satan. You savor the things of man and not God.”

In my natural mind, I am heavily impacted by the suffering of others. This is one of the reasons why I tend to be so reclusive. This world is full of suffering and my drive to help—whether wanted or not—can make me go a little haywire. Depression is a constant foe of mine also. I hate to see suffering, and it makes me sad when people accuse me of relishing in the suffering of Christians because of the things I write.

The Lord knows. He knows all of our hearts, and thanks be to God that He is the judge of them all. Not us. Would you judge me as sounding a trumpet before myself to say that though I know there is no more sacrifice for sin and none needed, if it were possible for me to bear the coming chastisement of His people, I would. Yet, I wouldn’t because I know that such suffering will work the righteousness of Christ in many, and I would not have them robbed.

I have desired to see all Christian systems come down, and I admit that this was not out of love for the brethren, but out of my own selfish resentments, pain, and the foolish zeal of youth. I still have that zeal at times, and I get angry at times because I am also heavily impacted by injustice. When I see how many are hurting because of the injustice of many leaders in the faith, I get mad. When I think of how my Lord who I love is used and slandered, I get mad.

I have a very contradictory nature that is hard for most to grasp. At least it will not be said of me that I was “neither cold nor hot.” Though, other things could be said.

My point is this: we are carnal minded, but to be carnally minded is death. To these mindsets, I will assert by the grace of God, “get behind me, Satan.” This takes many forms, because as it is written, our adversary is as a roaring lion seeking who He may devour. We can learn to be on-guard and mindful of our motives and the “sprit we are of” so that we are not overcome as often.

I understand that the ways of God seem foolish. They seem backwards sometimes, because in our carnal mind we cannot know them. In the Spirit we can know and grow in our knowing.

Please, do not accuse me. As Paul the Apostle said, I speak as a fool: I do not accuse you, and if I could spare you by giving myself, I would. Why else do I lose sleep every day? Why else would I bear the weight of considering the state of our brethren, continually seek Jesus for us, and bear suffering in this life that I could escape if it were not for my desire to be made into the righteousness of Christ in Jesus so that I can grow in understanding, to share with all of you, who hate me?

Do I do this to be loved or to gain so many followers (sarcasm, folks)? I know it’s hard to believe that someone can love you like that. By the grace of God, I do because Jesus first loved me and I first loved Him before I could love you. Jesus loves us most. Continue in His love. Doubt it not, and please, do not doubt that I love you also. Though, I can love you better. I can love Jesus better, and in so doing I will love you better. We will all love each other without fear, accusation, slander, envy, strife, and division.  That will be such a beautiful thing to behold!

God is so good to have this instore for us, and so much more than we know. How good is He, who can change our calloused hearts of revenge and hate into something more like Him—who made all things for His pleasure and purpose.

So, yes. I pray it. I pray to God that we are all made low. Make us low. Make us low. That repeats in my mind throughout the day today.

Make us low, Lord. Make us low. Though our enemy is high, make us low. Low as the dust. Make us low. The Lord Jesus alone is worthy to be praised an honored. If we want to find Him, we need to be made low. Make us low, Lord. Make us low. For your Name’s sake, your suffering we will partake. Make us low, Lord. Make us low. More on that to come as it unravels more fully.

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