Satan’s Seat – Church of Pergamos Discussion Part 3

“I know where you dwell, even where Satan’s seat is.” Where is Satan’s seat, and what does it mean to dwell there? This is a reading and discussion of the online book, These Things Saith He. We are in the chapter that deals with the letter to the church of Pergamos.

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8 thoughts on “Satan’s Seat – Church of Pergamos Discussion Part 3

  1. Synagogue of the accuser and adversary is those that have not been called to bow before Jesus on a very daily basis and accuse those who have by his grace and his work. Satan humans that talk about their works over Christ’s are the synagogue of Satan. Followers of Jesus never talk nor boast of their wretched works, but talk about the finished works of Christ that makes them perfect.

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    1. Yes. I think a good summation in general would be that those who are of Satan are those who worship themselves. This does include not having faith in the fact that any good thing in us is of God, and we are saved and sanctified by His work, and when people fall from that grace, they do tend to put a lot of emphasis on their own works.

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      1. All things hinge on the grace of God through Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died for our sins and now lives. If we have faith in Him, then God gave it. If we have faith in Him, then we will seek Him, and we repent of our sins and have faith in His sufficient sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins. If we have faith in Him, then He will send the Holy Spirit who makes Christ known to us in our hearts, “writing the laws of God on the fleshly tables of the heart,” and working on the “inner man.” This process of inner man work is sanctification, and is an act of grace as we put our faith in Jesus and live out our faith over the course of our lives. These are the works of the Spirit and fruits of faith and freedom from the bonds of sin so that we can serve Jesus, but not works that justify us. Only the blood of Jesus justifies us.

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      2. Yes, that is true. What else would you call the process of having our natures changed? It’s like a dual thing. By his blood we are sanctified once and for all. Yet, I also believe that the gospel has a present-day effect that changes our natures, which I also call sanctification, lest it be confused with works-based salvation.

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  2. I do believe that is worked out as you said by grace, but our position is holy. Grow in grace is what happens in the new man he has created. We our old Adam is wicked hates God and never changes, but was crucified Galatians 2 20 -21. It’s ended not mended. Our new man Jc in us is being renewed daily.

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