The Most Persecuted Group in Our Nation Is…

Standing up for the oppressed is an honorable thing to do. Most people have their idea of which groups should be stood up for, and anyone who refuses to acknowledge their so-called victimhood are targeted as oppressors, perpetrators of false-information, or peddlers of hate crimes.

There are many so-called victims. There are trans victims and victims from various sexual-identities-so-called. There are victims of not-as-much-wealth-as-others. There are victims of the patriarchy and so-called toxic masculinity. There are victims of those who do not obey the science. There are victims of systemic racism. There are victims of climate change. There are victims of any religion that is not Christianity.

What does it mean to be a victim? What does it mean to be persecuted or oppressed?

A victim is a person who is harmed or killed by the actions of another or by a disastrous event. Persecution is persistent, hostile treatment. Oppression is prolonged unjust and cruel treatment.

Who are the real victims? Who are truly persecuted and oppressed? The group that is in the most danger is not any of those mentioned above, and in-fact, the group that is in the most danger is in danger because of the groups mentioned above.

The answer? Children.

Children are the most victimized, persecuted, and oppressed group of people in our nation.

They are butchered in mind and body by insane ideologies that claim a child can determine that they are not the gender that they were born with—which in many cases is not brought on by the will of the child but imposed onto the child by their demented parents who gain some kind of sick social clout for being such loving and trendy champions of the rainbow god.

Children are told that they are inherently privileged and racist, and therefore must repent for their sins against the gods of social equity and racism-so-called and make restitution to purge themselves from their original sin.

Children have been injected with harmful, experimental substances for their so-called safety, muzzled, and kept in constant fear because of illnesses that will most likely never harm them.

Children are kept in fear because of climate change as they are indoctrinated into ideologies that welcome mass human extinction for the sake of so-called “mother earth.”

Children are victims of a society that does not parent them because fathers are few and mothers have gone mad due to a disillusion of traditional, God-ordained roles that men and women should hold, the sanctity of marriage, and the duty to responsible child-raising. In place of parents, we have the state—which busily victimizes and oppresses our children via all the means above—all the while claiming to stand up for justice.

All of this is assuming that the child managed to escape their mother’s womb without being ripped to shreds.

This is a sick society. I heard today about gay masturbation being taught to middle-schoolers, and it made me cry. Then, I saw a video with the heading, “Who is the Most Persecuted Group?” I did not watch the video, but I did decide to write this because the children are the most persecuted group in our nation—hands down.

I’m not a perfect parent, and I don’t do near enough to combat that evil 7-headed so-called victim beast that is devouring our kids—but so help me God—I will do better. Lord willing, I will do my upmost to raise my kids to be upright, or at least know the difference between good and evil and to know who the TRUE God IS! These false gods of so-called-victimhood are disgusting and they themselves are the murders, persecutors, and oppressors. We must fight this in whatever measure we can because if we do not stand up for our children, then who will?

It sickens me that I would ever complain about my own small troubles—even in the slightest—when I spend even a few minutes reading or watching videos about all the harm that is being done to our nation’s children. There’s that too. We can’t worry about our own troubles and properly focus on that which is most worth fighting for. This life is hard, and the enemy will do whatever it can to make us miserable and distracted while it eats our children alive. We cannot let them, even if we die trying to stop them.

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