An Unnamed Lamentation of a Servant of Jesus Christ

I can almost hear it. The sound of many singing pop Christian songs to the Lord, muffled through the blood that gurgles in their throats—the blood of many who reject Jesus in sincerity. They drown in it, all the while praising God in vain, thinking themselves alive and accepted.

Lord have mercy. Our world is steeped in sin. We are a spoiled people. Adulterous, self-serving, and lovers of lies and oh so willing to tear people down while we think ourselves righteous.

Many of our sins we inherited by those who came before us, creating systems of decadence, flattery, pride, self-obsession, perversion, robbery, murder, and glorying in all ungodliness. They allowed it to happen, and we reap the reward. You will reap it. Do we not do the same? How much evil are we allowing into our world, even now? How much more will our children inherit? Will there be any faith left in the earth?

The scriptures say that your mercy endures forever. Thank God for that. How far can your mercy be stretched? Can we stretch it so thin that it’s transparent? Will not a blast of hot wind spoken by many lips who honor you without sincerity blow right through, tearing it apart, letting your wrath flow out as a consuming fire?

If we acknowledge our sin and turn to you, though it burns us sore, You will restore. For the sake of your blood that was spilled and your body that was broken, you will have mercy on those who fear you and humble themselves in your sight. How amazing is your grace—the true grace that comes from your perfect, pleasing, and preordained will, that changes the hearts of man who have long rejected you.

Lord strengthen the faithful few, who love you more than this world. Thank you for patiently continuing with the whorish servants like me, who cannot seem to decide which way they want to go. We are completely unworthy, yet for reasons beyond knowing you do not let us fail. As the Psalm of David so aptly put, “I have gone astray like I lost sheep. Seek thy servant, for I do not forget thy commandments.”

Truly, our salvation is by You and for You. All good things come from You only. Be gracious to us who fear you and trust in you, so that we will not be a shame to You anymore.

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