Understanding and Doing Are Not the Same, But We Can Have Faith

There is a danger in public ministry, even if we have a blog that only a handful of people read. If we have a good gift and if we grow in our ability to use that gift, this might create an outward appearance of being more righteous than we are.

I don’t like to write about myself anymore, because experience has taught me that people can read too much into the things you write—both in the negative and in the positive. I would rather seek Jesus to have my understanding sharpened so that I can write some things that offer a measure of value for my brethren in Christ.

However, in this one thing I think it is good to write about myself.

Understanding and doing are not the same thing.

Many of us realize this already, at least when it comes to the way we view ourselves. The Holy Spirit can provide us with a lot of understanding of the word of God but doing what we know to be good and true does not usually come as quickly as understanding what is good and true.

Yet, when we look at the outward understanding or public life of others, we compare ourselves and we feel lesser.

We should do our best to refrain ourselves from comparing our walk in Christ Jesus to any other Christian, at least in that sense. We are all aiming to be conformed to Christ, and in that we all fall short. The only comparisons that we should make in the flesh is with ourselves. We can only become better versions of ourselves, and if we continue in the faith then we will get better. “He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.”

We can learn from one another and we can build one another up in humility and brotherly love, but as Peter wrote, “be subject one to another in humility.” Those with public personas, even small ones, are faulty sons of God in the making by the adoption of Jesus Christ just as we all are.

As for myself, some might look at the things I write, if they are of value (the Lord judge it. I do my best.), and begin to think that I am better than I am. I believe that the Lord has given me some good understanding, but from experience I know that the strength of doing comes with time.

This can be very frustrating. However, it is also faith-building.

As Christians, we war against our flesh in faith, knowing that we are forgiven by the blood of Jesus. We know that He is working all things out in His time and not our own.

As for my readers, who I love and appreciate enough to say this whether I have one or hundreds, I want some things to be known.

First, I write in terms of ideals that we are aiming for. I try to include caveats of faith that remind us of the fact that Christian living is a journey, and we are all growing it the righteous ways by faith as the Spirit of God works in us. However, I might not make that as clear as I should, and some might think that because I understand something, I must also be great at doing it. Not so.

Secondly, understanding comes from failure to do what is right. Most of the things that I know to be good and true come from the Holy Spirit convicting me of my own sin. Many of the ideals I write about come from my own repentance and aspirations to do better. So, when I say that a Christian should or should not do something, I’m always speaking to myself first.

Do you want to know something funny?

Sometimes I like to read the articles that are getting more traffic, and it’s not uncommon for me to feel chastised by my own words, even months after I have written them. This is because any good thing that I am able to write comes from the Spirit of God. Not me. I am growing in these things also.

Lastly, I write all things in the moment. I have a few article series that I’m working on, and I try to write one article within each of them every week. That’s the only writing plan that I have. I work all day taking care of my kids and working Online. The last thing I do on the days that I write is openup biblegateway.com, look at where I left off in a previous article series, and pick up where I left off.

The articles I write are done off the cuff and to the best of my ability, hoping in the Holy Spirit to lead. This is the only way that I have time to write anything, and I don’t want to bury this talent in the earth. It’s a small attempt at being faithful, but it is all that I have right now.

Sometimes I feel led to write other things, like this post.

Understanding and doing are not the same thing. We look for ideals and we aim for them as we seek to know Jesus better and share what He gives with others in faith that He works on us all in His perfect time and according to His perfect will.

I also want to say that if anyone finds my work of value, feel free to use the understanding as you will. I can only hope that someone will because my time is so limited and I can’t do as much with it as I would like. Any good and true understanding that I get is of the Lord anyway. It is not mine, so I do not own it. I’ve taken from others in this regard with the same mindset. I have no problem if people take from me. All things are by Him and for Him.

My kids are waking up, so it’s time to go. Please forgive typos/errors. I try to amend articles as I have time.

God bless your day!

One thought on “Understanding and Doing Are Not the Same, But We Can Have Faith

  1. Thank you for writing as you feel led, knowing that we are all works in progress. I, too, often write about lessons I am in the midst of learning. Imagine what would be written if we all waited until we had perfected the doing! Not much, I’m afraid! May we all continue to pursue what God has called us to, being faithful stewards of the gifts he has placed in us.

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