A Look at Postmodernism and How to Fight It

What is postmodernism?

If you’re like I was before today, you might not be able to answer that question outright. Or, maybe you can. I’m falling way behind here, I know.

Whether you can or cannot, we all recognize the ideas contained within postmodernism because they heavily influence our culture today.

I have experienced it in many ways. It was postmodern thinking that led me to a place of complete confusion and despair about 8 years ago, particularly my involvement with New Age religion thinking that states all religions are acceptable to God and Jesus is just one way of many.

It’s total confusion and chaos, because there is no truth. They themselves say that there is no truth. For them, truth becomes whatever you say it is. So, it’s no wonder that Jesus, who is The Truth, is considered to be just one path to God of many.

The corruption of truth is the cornerstone of Postmodernism, or so it seems to me. In their view:

There is no absolute truth. To claim to know the truth makes you an oppressor, because each person has the right to define what truth means for themselves personally.

Logic is rejected. Objective facts and logic cannot exist because truth does not exist. Rather than argue based on reason and facts, emotions and personal opinions dominate discussion.

Morality is personal. Moral standards are not set, but rather subject to change based on a person’s personal interpretation of morality.

The morals of the oppressed are law. Anyone can have their own set of morals so long as they do not conflict with the morals of those who are “oppressed” by traditional codes of morality, including women and those with various sexual or gender identities.

The voice of oppressors should be silenced. They do not believe in an exchange of ideas and facts in order to come to rational decisions, because this places limitations on people’s ability to define truth for themselves. So, if you claim to speak for an absolute truth, then you are an oppressor and your voice is not worthy to be heard. In-fact, you must be silenced.

All authority is false and corrupt. All religious and secular modes of authority are abhorred and intertwined with oppression.

Collectives are favored over individuals. Collective property ownership and a shared, baseline wealth is favored while individual enterprise is rejected. People are also categorized into groups rather than viewed as individuals. Individuals who belong to an oppressor group are oppressors at the core and cannot be otherwise unless they become “woke” to their inherently oppressive nature and make necessary restitutions.

Environmentalism is supported at all costs. Western culture is responsible for the destruction of the planet. “Mother Earth” must be protected at all costs, even at the expense of human life (especially the oppressors).

How do we fight Postmodernism?

We speak the truth.

Postmodernism is a conglomeration of many lies, with a few truths mixed in. There are some causes worth considering that should not be ignored, but they should be weighed with the proper weight, placed in their proper place, and the lies that are mixed in must be eradicated.

There is a standard of truth, and it all begins with Jesus who is the Truth. So, it’s no wonder that they hate Him. We stand by Him and all that He teaches, and in so doing we will stand firmly against postmodernism and in the right spirit. We will not hate them or deny their basic human rights, even though they deny ours.

We will show them the love of Christ and His iron-clad Truth that makes free, because we know that lies only destroy and those who follow Postmodernism are destroying themselves and others–as anyone who has had personal experience with this will fully know and understand.

Having lived through it, I suggest that we should approach people who are possessed with the ideas of postmodernism with a generous dose of compassion and unyielding loyalty to the Truth as we “fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and the rulers of darkness in high places.” Don your Armor of God (Ephesians 6) and let’s get to work!

Do you have any information to share about postmodernism? What have your personal experiences been?

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