5 Choices That I Hope My Adult Sons Will Make

Life can be hard. It can be especially hard when we don’t have proper guidance as children and young adults. We make foolish choices, often in youth, that negatively impact our entire lives.

My sons have dealt with some blow-back from the foolish choices I have made. We do alright, but some things are just hard.

My oldest son was having a hard day today.

So, I decided to take him out. Just the two of us. We ran a couple errands, and I thought that now would be a good time to let him know some important truths about life.

For one, the difficult things that he has to deal with now are temporary. He has his whole life ahead of him, Lord willing, and if he makes the right choices, he can have a great life.

As far as I can tell, there are five major life choices that will affect the life you live, and I encouraged my son to remember these when be becomes an adult–which is coming sooner than I’m ready for!

1. Put Jesus first.

Jesus has a lot of wisdom to share about how mankind should order their lives, but most importantly, I know that if we serve Him and seek Him first, then He will lead us and all things will work out for our ultimate good. I also know that He works in us to change us into someone who is more like He is. This is the greatest aspiration I have for all my children.

2. Marry a Jesus-loving housewife.

Next to following Jesus, the person we choose to marry might be the single most important decision we make. This affects all areas of our lives and the lives of our children. Although my son will have his own preferences, I do hope and encourage him to marry a good, Jesus loving woman who wants to stay home and raise children.

Why is that?

This might seem old-fashioned, but there is wisdom in this. Children need a mother who is loving, available, and there to care for them and the home. A working mom can only do so much, and a woman who is self-centered or lacking in good character is not a woman I want my son married to or mothering his children. A woman who is willing to put her all into raising a family is the bedrock of a good home and a good life for my son and his children.

However, for this to be possible…

3. Take care of your wife.

My son has to be a good husband and father, and this means being responsible and taking care of his family. He has to work and provide for them. He has to spend time with them. He has to be a strong example of morality and lead his family in following Jesus.

A family is only as strong as the father, and this is a hard truth that our society wants to deny.

So, I want my son to be a good, God-fearing man who will do what he must to be a good husband and father, because this frees his wife to care for the kids—which is critical for a well-balanced and healthy family life.

4. Do something you’re passionate about.

Sometimes reality does not allow for us to follow our passions. We have to be responsible, but if at all possible, I hope that my son can support himself and his family by doing something he loves. Work is a big part of life, and it seems like a good idea to do something that you think is worth-while.

5. Stay away from drugs and alcohol.

A man cannot do any of the above well if he is consumed by drugs and drinking. I’m not opposed to all alcohol use, but any use should be moderate and heavily tempered by self-control. Alcohol should never be used to self-soothe stress or mental and emotional troubles. As for drugs, including tobacco, just don’t. They are addictive, expensive, and they control your life too much. I want my son to be free, not bound to chemical substances.

I hope that I can raise all my sons to make these five important life choices as adults. I don’t care how old-fashioned they might seem because life has shown me just how important these are. Yet, I know that there are many things that will try to influence them, so I pray. I pray that Jesus will guard them and lead them in the right ways.

The dissolution of strong men, strong women, and traditional families is destroying our nation.

Children need mothers and fathers. Mothers need husbands and husbands need wives. It is a cooperative effort that makes the whole family strong, happy, and healthy.

The idea that traditional families are oppressive to women is one of the biggest lies that our society teaches. The idea that men can be women and women can be men is insanely destructive.

All ideas that tear apart at the fabric of the biblical, nuclear family are worth vehemently opposing, as are all ideas the sexualize children. It is all related and it is all abhorrent and abominable. These should be obviously true, but the obvious truth is not within reach of those who love lies and perversions.

God help our nation. God help our sons to be men and our girls to be women. Our future depends on it.

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