What is Distracting You from Jesus?

How do we develop “ears to hear?”

Jesus says that if we seek, we will find. He speaks to us by the Holy Spirit, but we have to become practiced at this because it can be difficult to hear that “still small voice” and learn to discern His voice from our own.

If we continue praying, learning scripture as we are able, and seek Jesus earnestly—and most importantly—if His grace is for us and we are not asking for things that displease Him, we will receive from Him.

I have been reflecting on the things I’m writing in These Things Saith He, and I know that something is missing from my understanding of Sardis. This is why I write drafts first, because I’m still learning how to listen to the Spirit too.

This morning, I turned to the Lord and simply asked Him. “What scripture to I need to listen to today?” I decided that instead of listening to music while I clean my house or listening to political commentators on YouTube, I should listen to the audio bible. I need to Hear Him better and get away from all distractions.

After I acknowledged this need to hear from Him and not my entertainments or concerns over the world’s issues, and after I asked, “what scripture do I need to hear today?” I got an answer. “Galatians.”

Galatians. Of course. I’m such an idiot, but God is so good and truly if we do seek Him, we will find. As I listened to Galatians, I saw what was lacking in my understanding of Sardis.

We can take what I wrote in These Things Saith He — Overcoming Sardis and filter it through Galatians, which is summarized as being justified by faith and the grace of God, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and not works of the law—including our legalistic, one-time prayers or outward observances of “holiness.” The law makes dead, but faith in Jesus and the gifts of the Spirit make us alive.

Each person needs to work out their own salvation and gifts of the Spirit. I cannot tell anyone what to do, but I do know that sometimes this world is too distracting. It is for me. Some have a gift in political/social matters and this is good because we need leadership in this. That is not for me, though I do what I can in the Proverbs study. It is very limited.

The focus I have in Jesus is to edify the Church by returning our focus on Him above all else. Those who have a focus on Him and are strong in Him might be given other tasks to do, and that is between them and God. However, many of us are weak in the faith and we need to be strengthened, and that is my God-given work. So, I cannot be distracted overmuch with this life.

I say this because I know from experience, and this is a good example, that when we want to hear from God through the Spirit, we need to listen. We cannot listen if our minds are occupied on other things. Even good things, like bible studies, church, Christian music, or reasonable care for the events in our nation and world.

We have to take time out from all of this and focus on Jesus personally. He will answer us in the way that He deems best according to what He would have us to in service to Him and our brethren in Christ.

What is distracting you from Jesus? For me, it’s “cares of this life.” My kids, my work in this world, my cares over the state of the nation and globe, my character inadequacies and fear of failure—just to name a few.

We have to lay it all aside, seek Jesus in faith, and humbly ask Him to reveal to us what He deems best for us, and we should do this daily in some form.

He is our daily bread, our water of life, and He is what sustains us in all things. He gives us forgiveness of sins and He gives us life, even eternal life. Put Him first and keep striving to. Overtime, we will grow in our ability to hear what He is speaking to us. No one can do this for us. We have to do this ourselves.

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