Considering Proverbs 11:21

Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. – Proverbs 11:21

Having allies can be a good thing, like we discussed in Considering Proverbs 11:14. When the strong band together against evil, there is safety. It’s the lone stragglers that get picked out and devoured. The recent trucker convoy is a good example of a righteous band of people standing together for a good cause, and the more people stand with them, the safer we all are.

However, as we band together against tyranny, make no mistake. The tyrants band together too. Concerning the “beast” of the last days, it is written that many will be of one mind and will give their power and strength to the beast.

People are naturally communal and this is good for us. However, we are also easily manipulated and convinced to join in with movements that are wicked and destructive.

This is why Christian culture is so important. Jesus teaches us what is good and true, and by the Holy Spirit our hearts are made to know the righteous way and we are given the strength to grow in these things.

This is also why many hate Christian culture and there are many “heads” of what seems to be a formation of this “beast” or a type of it. There are many ideas and movements that are coming together to destroy all that is good and true.

Many band together for causes of racism and discrimination. Yet, they cause racism and discrimination and they love doing so.

Many band together for the cause of condoning and praising various sexual acts and gender identities while they encourage women to murder their children or to forego the natural rolls of motherhood. They also despise anything that resembles strong, masculine leadership. The rolls of male and female are under assault while mental illness is glorified.

Many band together to fight global warming and other environmental concerns.

Many band together to push medical mandates that will keep people “safe.”

Many band together to eliminate freedom of speech or support of those who protest tyranny.

Many band together to reshape the economies of our world.

Many band together as allies in the tech and business realm, gaining further control over the world due to our technological dependance and addition to comfort.

What do all of these have in common?

A sense of victimhood, moral superiority, the desire for vengeance, and greed. They also use the pain of many, fear, and half-truths to deceive.

We are also dealing with minority groups. When you give outcasts a voice and make them feel strong and supported, they will become your allies. They are forging an army outcasts who are built up with pride and a sense of moral superiority and vengeance.

The sad thing is, those who push these agendas do not truly care about the people and causes they are wielding as weapons against us. Why then do they push these things? Why create these alliances of delusion and hate?

It seems to me that all of this banding together is meant to weaken us all and cause us to fight amongst ourselves so that some can gain control, power, and wealth while they enslave us in digital chains. It’s an invasion that rivals all the great conquerors of history because instead of invading physical lands—though we can expect that too—they invade us technologically as they grapple for power in this digital age. This is a war of the mind and heart.

Jesus is great at dealing with matters of the mind and heart, and it does not matter how many band against us to destroy us, they will not prevail.

Our minds and our hearts rest in Jesus Christ no matter what and they are kept by Him, His teachings, His Spirit, and His blood. Nothing can take us from Him. Our souls belong to Him and in Him we are safe.

The wicked will pay for what they do. It does not matter how strong their bands seem to be. Ours is stronger. We band together in Jesus Christ knowing that the wicked will not be unpunished and we will be delivered from our adversaries. Our deliverance might mean death and resurrection, but there is escape from the second death—a death that no one can escape without Jesus.

Knowing all of this, what should we do?

Every Christian individual must seek Jesus and find out what He would have them do. Some things we all do. We keep the teachings of Jesus and seek Him so that we can live Christian lives despite residing in a world of confusion, unjust alliances, division, and hate. We do not let this world consume us, filling us with fear and unrighteous hatred of our fellow man.

We preach the gospel and live the gospel–a gospel that can truly help the outcasts, minorities, and emotionally/mentally wounded who the elites are controlling, using, and will undoubtedly destroy.

We also stand by the truth peaceably and unwaveringly in whatever manner we are called to do so in Christ. As we do this, we also remain truthful about our own sin. This keeps us humble, merciful, and positions us in a place where we can be strengthened in the Lord by the Spirit to stand strong in these days.

We need both, really. We need to look to our own sins first both individually and collectively as Christians, and if we do so and repent then maybe God will restore peace to our land and cause our enemies’ plans to fail. This is fundamental. We have to remove the “beams” from our eyes first so that we ca be useful for God.

We also have a moral responsibility to make a stand for what is right—but we do so as Christians—as we love our enemies, knowing that they are blind and being used by elites who do not care about them or us, and if it were not for the grace of God, we would be no different.

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