Considering Proverbs 11:16

A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches.

This proverb speaks strongly to the culture of our nation. Or rather, the opposite of this proverb. An ungracious woman is dishonored: and weak men are impoverished.

It seems to me that our nation is full of ungracious women and weak men, so it is no wonder that we have the troubles that we have.

I don’t want to slam gracious women and strong men. There are many of those also, but among those, they probably see the same trends in our society and are grieved about them.

Ungracious women hate other women—especially gracious women who hold traditional values.

Ungracious women hate men—especially strong men who would naturally take up a leader’s role, which is something the ungracious women despises in a man because she would rather rule over him.

Ungracious women hate motherhood. They murder their own children before they are born, or they murder their children spiritually after they are born through abuse and neglect.

Ungracious women want to be pampered, praised, and treated as if they can do no wrong. They are unaccountable and unwilling to sacrifice self-gratification for the good of others.

Ungracious women do not know how to assert themselves without being tyrannical.

Weak men don’t know what being a strong man is about and they reject these ideas because they are becoming societally taboo.

Weak men hate women and children because they reject commitment and only want to live a life that is as void of responsibility as possible.

Weak men are so consumed by addictions and other self-gratifying behaviors, that they consume more than they produce or contribute to society.

Weak men do not know how to assert themselves without being tyrannical.

What happens in a nation of ungracious women and weak men? What kind of child-raising is going on—assuming there is any at all? No doubt, the government raises the children. The media raises the children.

The result?

A generation of mind-dead, brainwashed tools of the state who will rise up against their negligent and abusive parents who they naturally, and perhaps rightfully, despise.

We see this a great deal already. Generation Z is wrought with angry young people that want to uproot our society.

They are also wrought with wise youngsters who see the depravation of the generations past, and they want to make things like they “used to be.” The underground trend of #tradlife offers some hope for the future as do many influences who try to encourage the growth of gracious women and strong men. People like Jordan Peterson, for example, who is greatly hated among the ungracious and weak.

These are major problems that need to be dealt with and there is no easy fix.

Ungracious women were probably neglected for a great portion of their lives, especially during childhood, because their own mothers were told that they had to enter the workforce and send their daughters off to public school where they would be abused and miseducated. While the mother worked, media raised their daughter, filling her mind with all things that praise being an ungracious woman.

Ungracious women probably did not have a strong father figure, or lacked having a father at all because divorce had become common as the taboo around divorce was lifted in recent generations past.

They do not know how to discern between a strong man who leads and sacrifices himself for others and a weak and abusive tyrant, so any semblance of strength is lumped in with abuse and oppression.

The same is true for weak men. Weak men probably did not have good mothering or fathering, and in its place came all form of ungodliness from outside forces. Weak men do not know the meaning of “leave you father and mother and cleave to your wife,” which is essential for boys to grow into men.

Instead, they engage in hookup culture or get married to women who will mother them–either because they did not have a mother that cared or they had one that smothered them by doing too much for them, so they never grew up. Pair this with a lack of a loving father who encouraged them to be strong and responsible, and you have disaster.

Gracious women are fed up. They are exhausted. They are tired of being used by weak men and slandered.

Strong men are fed up. They are exhausted. They are tired of being used by ungracious women and slandered.

What happens when the gracious women and strong men who remain simply give up or are totally consumed and eradicated by an ungracious and weak culture?

Death. That is what happens.

We are following in the same footsteps of other societies that collapsed. Like Rome. We are very much like Rome before their collapse. We are also like Israel before God sent the Assyrians and Babylonians.

I would not be surprised if the King of Babylon (the false christ) is soon to appear.

We are ripe for it and all the ungracious women and weak men will go right along with him. The Great Whore is the great architype of an ungracious woman. The King of Babylon is the great architype of the weak man. Just as we see in our society, when joined together there is destruction, starting with the destruction of the gracious and strong.

I would rather that we could do something about our dying culture. However, as I wrote, this is no easy fix. Especially when the elites do everything they can to undermine these efforts.

What we need is traditional families and gender rolls. Talk about a taboo subject these days! What we need are a slew of “end times Elijahs” who will “turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers, lest they be cursed.”

We need to return the hearts of mankind to traditional, Judeo-Christian values. We need make a stand against the corruption of our churches so that the hearts of the people are turned to Father God and the apostles.

God will cause this to happen, but will the world accept it? Probably not. Not if it is time for the false christ to appear, but only the Father knows what time we are in. However, it does not look good.

Despite it all, we know that God is in control and He will reward those who remain gracious and strong. So, let us do what we can to be as He would have us to be and let us do what we can to encourage this in others.

Perhaps we can turn things around, but we have to fight with all that we’ve got and God has to be on our side. So, we first turn our hearts to Him. If we turn to Him, perhaps He will remove the destruction from our land. If we don’t, then I don’t see why we can’t expect anything but more of the same.

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