Rejoice! There is Still Time to Repent!

“The Holy Spirit will cause you to remember all things that I have said to you.”

This is something that Jesus said to His disciples and this is true for us also.

The first few years after I received of the Holy Spirit in a demonstrative manner (which occurred in January of 2016), I had a handful of visions and auditory experiences. There have been very few and most were in those first few years.

When these happened, having been raised a cessationist I had mixed feelings about it. I had considered that perhaps these were “abundance of business” dreams or “lying divinations.” So, I did not publish them. I did share most of them with at least one other person. I also forgot them. Sort of. I put them out of my mind because I did not know what to do with it all.

I’ve been recalling these lately and some of the information is not so pleasant for me. This is in-part why I stated what I stated in a recent Proverbs study about discretion. Some things might be better kept to ourselves. I don’t know, really. Maybe we should be bold.

In any case.

The details of one of these visions is starting to unfold.

I was in a room talking to a group of people. I turned to a black man (His race did not seem important at the time. This was before the racial tension really took hold of our nation). He had headphones in his ears. I pulled them out and told him that we are talking about the things of the Kingdom of God! He sat up and listened.

Behind me was a large screen television. I turned to see a woman on the screen. I recognized her as a “good” woman. She said, “Rejoice! There is still time to repent!”

Her appearance dissolved away and was replaced by many people—hundreds, maybe thousands—being baptized in a large body of water.

They faded away and were replaced by a vile, “bad” woman. She was standing on two sunken ships. Perhaps battle ships. She was angry and forceful with her words—which were no real or meaningful words. She only shouted, “I, I, I, I, I, I” over and over. I felt as if I were being attacked.

I turned to the group. They were furious with me. I knew that I was done. I woke up.

I don’t know the full meaning, and there is more that happened in the dream before the scene that I am sharing now. I don’t know what to make of it yet.

However, there is one idea that the Spirit has revealed.

We must choose. As a Christian people. Who are we going to be? Who am I going to be?

Are we going to be as the “good” woman who rejoices in the gospel of Jesus—rejoices in that there is still time to turn to Him and repent?

Or are we going to be as the “bad” woman who, without mercy, shouts and subdues her enemies? “I, I, I, I” Or in other words, “it’s all about ME! See what I have done! I have subdued my enemies! And you…you’re next!”

There are two women in Revelation and elsewhere in scripture. As the church, called to be one as the body of Christ and members of His Holy City, who are we going to be?

There is a time for all things. There will be a day of vengeance but there are some who take that day up too soon. They turn on those who wait on the Lord also.


“Rejoice! There is still time to repent!”

And we have things to repent for. Despite what some say within Christian circles. Lord willing, I will be bold in that also to share what He is showing by His Spirit as He wills and the These Things Saith He articles unfold.


It is good to make a stand against all evil. However, in our stand, we remember WHO WE SERVE. We remember WHO WE ARE. We look to our own sins first instead of losing focus in our fight against the sins of others in a self-righteous, indignant, vengeful manner.

No. Not us. Not Yet. Not until “there is time no longer.”

For now…

“Rejoice! There is still time to repent!”

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