Considering Proverbs 11:14

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

It is encouraging to see people ban together against tyranny and evil forces in the world. As Christians, standing strong with one another in Christ is something we are good at. Jesus, in His remarkable wisdom and perfect will, has made it so.

We are a body knit together in Christ Jesus, as the scriptures say. We each have our own work to do and we must remain faithful to the calling we have. We cannot allow anything to distract us. Maybe we think that our work is not so important because there are other matters at hand that seem more pertinent to our time.

Whatever we are given to do, if we do so for the glory of our Father in heaven and the edification of the brethren, we will be successful. No matter how great or how small, because in the end we are all serving a singular purpose.

We are building the Kingdom of God as faithful servants who await the coming of our Lord who will one day reign and put all enemies of His Kingdom under His feet.

We cannot fail, because the one we serve has overcome already and He makes a way for us to overcome also.

This world is terribly divided. Even the Christian world is divided, but Jesus will call us all together and we will be made one even as He and the Father are one. This was one of His last hopes before He was crucified, and this hope has always been fulfilled within the faithful remnant of His people. Though we might disagree on matters that are not fully revealed to us, one day all mysteries will be revealed. Until that time, we can continue to unite in what matters most to us.

There is One thing we all have in common: our love for Jesus Christ and His gospel of a Kingdom in which He reigns. We pursue that to be fulfilled in our hearts by His Spirit; we pursue that to be fulfilled as we build one another up in the faith according to the gifts of the Spirit that are scattered amongst us all; we strive in faith, despite what this world throws at us, knowing that His Kingdom will eventually prevail…

Even if the Kingdom of Darkness seems to prevail for a time.

In all our strivings against evil in this world, we can rest in the promises of our Lord, Savior, Redeemer, Father, and Creator, Jesus Christ and the strength, guidance, comfort, and support offered by His Holy Spirit.

We cannot fail.

Do not let this polarized world tear you to shreds, dividing us against one another and distracting us from the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus teaches many things that we must hold on to. We have to love what is true and stand by it. We have to love one another and stand by one another. We have to love our enemies in hopes that some might repent and believe the gospel. We have to seek Jesus to keep our hearts from corruption that breeds fear, resentment, self-righteous indignation, ungodly despair, envy, covetousness, and pride.

If we strive to keep His ways and live them, despite our failings, He will make a way for us and He often does so though His Body and His Holy City—which is all believers. We have a multitude of counsellors, perfectly equipped and joined together by their Creator—a Creator who lived among us, grieved as we did, was tempted as we were, hated as we are, killed as we will be…

And raised from the dead in victory as we will be!

We have the greatest Counsellor of all, and the world has no counsel except that of evil and corrupt men who only want to kill, steal, and destroy. They will fall eventually. Despite how they might try, we know how the story ends. ❤

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