When all the Good Men are Gone: Laura Ingraham Articulates an Important Point

She puts into words something I have thought for a long time. Modern feminism has ruined men, and when men fail to hold other men accountable, women suffer. It’s not always in these out in the open ways, either (God help those women, that is truly terrible). Women also suffer from men who are negligent, irresponsible, unaccountable for their actions, unmotivated, self-centered, pleasure seeking, and crewel.

The ironic thing is, feminism was supposed to fix these problems. Or, that’s the rationale they use. The opposite has been the result. Traditional gender rolls exist for a reason. When these are destroyed, everyone suffers. Men, women, children.

Women should not be shamed for looking for men who will provide and protect. I grew up in a generation that taught such women were “gold diggers” and that we should take care of ourselves. The result? A lot of men who don’t take care of women and children, because they don’t have to, and a bunch of overworked and disgruntled women and “wine moms” with neglected children, high divorce rates, and a generation that looks to social media for love and affection–just to turn to massive amounts of soul-corrupting propaganda that creates a self-centered, confused, and wicked generation.

People do not stand up when it really matters. It’s easy to act big and tough behind a computer screen, but when faced with real to life situations, many men just sit back and knowingly allow men to trample women and children. Some even go so far as to guilt trip the woman or blame her in some way, probably because they are projecting their distain for feminism onto the female victim. When women are forced to stand up and take care of things, they are called feminists also. They cannot win.

If men were men, there would not be room for feminism today because the men would not have stood for it. Men be men. Women be women. Or, at least do your best to fulfill those God-given duties within this corrupt and twisted world. Our children depend on this. Our future depends on this.

It all begins in the home–Christian homes–and Christian men need to stop blaming Christian women for their bad situations and start standing up for them. It’s often the Christian women who stay in bad marriage and they are pegged feminists. Many Christian men also suffer due to the delusions of “modern” women, and these men are called weak. Stop demonizing the oppressed. Stand up for them instead.

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