Jesus Hears the Cries Muffled by all the “Boys Who Cried, Wolf” — A Letter to all Overlooked true Victims of the World.

There is a strange phenomena that seems to be happening today.

It is true that for many, especially among the political left, victimhood has become a sort of “social currency” that is used to gain leverage and power over others. There is also an onslaught of fake claims of victimhood, oppression, racism, bigotry, chauvinism, and so forth.

The political right has rightly called out these attacks. They should not be tolerated because innocent people are slandered and destroyed while false accusers are placed on a pedastol.

There’s another problem with this, and it is the fact that many people do truly suffer. There are people who suffer racism. There are people who are targeted and hated because of their sexual sins or identity confusion. There are women and men who experience abuse and neglect in the home, and now, their cries almost seem to go silent as they are drown out by the mass-scale whining, gaslighting, blame-shifting, and so forth.

It’s ironic. Our nation and the world at large seemed to be doing a great job at ending a lot of the social injustices, as they are called. Racism was becoming a thing of the past. Women and children who had no recourse for abusive situations found help. People of a divergent sexual nature were given space to pursue their lifestyle freely.

Now, the opposite is becoming true.

Racism is being propagated by the left (as they claim to fight it). Traditional female roles are demeaned and robbed by the left (as they claim to fight for women). Children are abused sexually, emotionally, and mentally by the left (as they claim to protect children’s wellbeing and rights). People who suffer because of gender dysphoria or other divergent sexual desires are told that their illness is normal, so those who want help are overlooked. Meanwhile, many who transition later experience serious regrets, and the suicide rate is shocking.

The left elites do not care about people. They do what all ungodly powers have always done. They flatter the very people that they want to destroy so that they willingly march to their own doom and the doom of others.

What is it going to take for people to wake up? The relationship that the left elites have with the left party (average, well-meaning people) is one that mimics a narcissistic abusive relationship.

The left wing people have been manipulated, gaslighted, scapegoated, triangulated, and discarded and destroyed–and they happily participate in it because they have so long undergone brainwashing by the media and educational systems–entities typically run by the political left for several decades now.

I feel bad for your average, everyday left-wing party member because they are willingly going along with a party that only wants to use them, devalue them, and discard them.

The leftist elites hate the average, working class people. They only want power for themselves. They claim to be the people’s advocate, but the opposite is true. They hate us. They hate us all, and the political right who try to say otherwise are demeaned.

As for those on the political right, remeber that your average, everyday person is fairly moderate and even most left leaning people are generally good people. Our neighbor is not the enemy, and you will not reach any by being overly harsh towards those groups that the left has targeted, manipulated, and made into faithful soldiers of the elite class.

Love your enemy.

And similarly, don’t let all of those “boys who cried, ‘wolf,” deafen your ears to the cries of those who are truly hurting today. They do exist.

To those who feel as of no one is listening to their cries and no one cares–whatever side of the political spectrum you are on–there is One who can hear you.

Call out to Jesus. He cares. Even if the whole world is in mass hysteria, confusion, hate, and destruction, there is some truth, goodness, and love that will never die and it is found in Him only.

We cannot run from our sin, but we can run to Him for mercy. Put Him first above all else, and He will show you the true way. He will bring you into His service and He will work wonderful things in you that will heal you from all of the forces that want to destroy you.

There is still suffering in this world to be expected, because those who follow Jesus are hated, because the world wants Him and those who follow Him destroyed–because Jesus and His people are the ones who can stand against the evil. These are the ones who really care about you. Your cries do not go unheard.

What we see today is very much like the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon. The media, the school systems, the political elites of the left and many of the right, and the religious who go along blindly in the ways of Satan–hating and destroying all who oppose them–these are in allegiance with evil.

They think that they will never suffer as they sit prim and proud, drunken off YOUR blood and the blood of the saints of Jesus who want to stand in their way from killing you! They say our God is dead, but He is not. They serve death, and death they will have.

Sorry that this post is kind of all over the place. This was an off-the-cuff piece, and several ideas that have been marinating for a while began to surface. Lord willing, I will be able to chop these ideas up into multiple articles that are more clearly defined and focused at the right audience, not several at once.

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