A Hypothetical Scenario for Christians: If the Tide Turned on Your Enemies

What if the tide were to turn on all of the enemies of Christianity today found within the social sphere? As a Christian, what would you do?

This is pure hypothetical conjecture, as far as I know, but the thought occurred to me…what if?

What if all of this glorification of LGBTQ pride, BLM, extreme feminism, and all the like is not what it seems?

What if these minority groups were made to feel empowered and proud while at the same time oppressed and victimized so that they would out themselves—not so that they could be treated fairly—but so that they could be later identified and exterminated?

As a Christian, what would you do?

Would you think about how much these groups hated Jesus and hated you, then feel a sense of justice had been done?

Would you be glad, thinking that God had avenged you? Would you join in too, thinking that now the Kingdom of God has come?

Or would you preach Jesus to these groups and encourage your brethren to patiently wait on Jesus to come instead of joyfully joining with the vengefulness of man—perhaps even one who claims to be God Himself?

The point is this:

In joining with those who hate and destroy—whether seeming to be against God or for God—we should be exceedingly cautious. It is true that when Jesus returns, there will be vengeance. There will be the “supper of the great God” and much bloodshed. However, “the patience of the saints” requires us to wait on that day, rejoicing in the longsuffering of the Lord that leads us all to repentance.

Those who want to see judgement and destruction are appointed to judgement and destruction.

This goes for both sides of any contentious issue.

What if God is allowing our “enemies” to rise for a time because we went astray within the household of the faith? This allows us to go further astray as we either pander to the wicked, cower in fear, or become filled with self-righteous indignation and hate?

What if another then comes to destroy our enemy?

Should we rejoice in this? Would we Christians join in?

Think about it.

What if the Christians who do not join in are marked as being of the enemy, and therefore fit to also be exterminated? What if “many will kill you, thinking they do God’s service?”

This is purely conjecture—a hypothetical scenario—as I said, as far as I know. However, if this were to be more than conjecture, we might consider how we are approaching those who hate Christians specifically and shift focus to those who hate us all and are pitting us against one another for their own self-serving purposes.

What if these minority groups are being artificially inflated through pride and flattery, and this is made easy because many of these people carry a lot of pain—pain that the Christian world did not properly address and in many ways made worse though misrepresentations of Jesus Christ and His Gospel?

What if they are suffering through a lifetime of gaslighting and manipulation, turning them into codependent pons of a state that only wants to use them to weaken a world that the state wants to control, just to later turn on these minority groups and kill them because they do not fit in with their utopian vision?

What if there are many strawmen fighting strawmen—and the whole works will go up in flames when Jesus returns?

Let’s not create strawmen and fight strawmen.

Let us get to what is true—by He Who is True.

Let us continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world.

Jesus taught us to love our enemies for a reason. He taught us to bless those who curse you for a reason. He taught us never to sacrifice truth for a reason, to call evil good or good evil. His ways provide us with a sure foundation that will not fail—but if it fails, then what is there for us?

“If the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted?”

The Adversary only steals, kills, and destroys. The Adversary flatters with his lips while his heart says another thing. The Adversary uses people for his own gain, turning people against one another. The Adversary is only interested in himself. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Don’t let the Adversary turn your hearts against your fellow man. Turn on him instead by sticking to the lessons we received by Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

The Almighty is in control of it all.  This is mind-bending, no-doubt. What if—hypothetically speaking, as far as I know—the Almighty allows this so that the hearts of all men are tried and tested, believer and non-believer alike?

I believe in a Millennial Kingdom reign of Jesus. I also believe that a competing Kingdom that “was and is not and yet is” will come first, and I believe that every ultra-authoritarian regime in history shows us what this looks like.

Manipulation is part of the game. False fears and false promises are part of the game. Turning people against one another as “victims and heroes” is part of the game. Identifying those to be exterminated is part of the game. Massive genocide made possible by average, everyday people who think they are doing righteously is part of the game.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness so that we can stand against the Adversary, not be used as his pons.

If we are allowing hatred to be stirred up in us, if we are forgetting the patience of the Lord that leads us to repentance, if we are tempted to call evil good and good evil in order to please people (thereby flattering, lying to them, and aiding in their manipulation), then we are pawn of the enemy.

This is true, whether the above ideas are conjecture and hypothetical or not.

Do not be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.  

*Note – I saw my error in using the word “conjuncture” instead of “conjecture” and I have fixed it. :p*

3 thoughts on “A Hypothetical Scenario for Christians: If the Tide Turned on Your Enemies

  1. I like this one a lot. I never thought this scenario up in my head before and it was frightening. The way the world and our country is going its not hard to imagine where it will lead. But even if it meant I could destroy evey enemy of God, I couldn’t do it. I am pleased to realize that I do have a lot of hope for the lost and that it truly will be all for the good of God in the end.

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    1. I kind of regret frightening you. The people who should be frightened aren’t and they probably don’t read this blog. Well, some lurk for their reasons. It all works out for good, though as you said. His ways are perfect.


      1. Not really a bad kind of frightened. All people have the capacity for violence especially when they believe that their ways are for the good of the world. It is good to keep that in mind and turn to Jesus rather than the natural carnal opposition with others that we all have. No worries

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