The 7 Churches of Revelation: Reflect, Discuss, and Expect a Revival

There is a wealth of understanding for us in the letters of Jesus to the 7 churches of Revelation and in the Book of Revelation in totality–a book that reveals Jesus, the nature of the true church, the nature of the unfaithful church, and the results both can expect.

As it pertains to the letters to the 7 churches:

The introductions come together to create a picture of who Jesus is as we learn of His divine attributes. His words to the churches provide understanding of His judgments so that we can repent of ways in which we have gone astray from His will. His concluding promises provide encouragement that ties His messages together in a way that points us to Him more fully.

If we were to consider these letters with a focus on our individual heart towards God and our fellow servants, we can find ways in which we need to be strengthened.

We can also begin to lay aside a lot of the disputes that have long divided the true church of God—the called out who are found within every physical church and united under one spirit, even the Spirit of God. The true church of God is of the Spirit of God, and there are members of this church found in every denomination/sect of the faith.

A house divided cannot stand against the enemy. One of Jesus’s final prayers were that we would be one even as He and the Father are one. “I in them and them in me, that they may be made perfect and one and that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them as you have loved me.” This pertained to His disciples but we who follow the Lamb of God are also His disciples.

When Jesus returns to set all things right, we will be one. However, Jesus said that He will “set fire to the earth, and what will He be if it is already kindled? He will be glad.”

Let us kindle a fire of love for our God and our fellow servants that will shine bright against all the ways of the Adversary—an Adversary that presently accuses our fellow servants before God, man, and among the household of the faith—an Adversary that will find no more place in heaven once we face the spirit of the Synagogue of Satan that presently takes our hearts away from the Lord and our brethren—and an Adversary that will come for a short time to try the hearts of man.

Everything we need is prepared for us. Let us consider it more fully, with a willingness to repent, lay aside our pride, and hear what the Spirit is saying to us—the Holy Spirit of Truth who encourages righteousness, holiness, unity among the brethren, and an intimate knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ who will one day return to judge it all. He has already judged it. Let us read His letters and understand.

I will be spending some time going over this information more carefully and compiling a single, concise work. In the meantime, I encourage you to read the articles on the 7 Churches of Revelation and consider these ideas for yourself, leave comments and discuss, and send email replies if you want to. I’d love to hear your take! I will be back, Lord willing, and we will see what Jesus will do! I expect wonderful things are in store for His true church. I expect that many people are saying these same things, not just me.

He will not leave us ensnared by the Adversary. He will teach us to “come out of her my people that you partake not of her sins and receive not of her plagues.” When this world turns on the churches, as they “burn her with fire,” we will not be caught unaware because we will be long gone at a place that He will prepare for us in the presence of our enemies!

I expect a revival among the household of the faith—a revival that precedes great sacrifice as we “love not our lives unto the death.” How long until that dreadful day? I have no idea, but we only have this one life and we need our present lives to be revived in Christ, and on this point, I think most of us can agree.

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