This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him.

Jesus said that false prophets would rise, and all the more once His Day approaches. He was right. There are many who want to be prophets, but instead of waiting on the Lord, they force the issue.

Let me give you some clues about the false prophets today.

First off, they like to use the prophets of old to justify their sinfulness. For example, Elijah was grumpy and had a temper. Moses “spoke unadvisedly” when he found the people giving into idolatry. Well, if they did it, then it is okay, right?

“This is my beloved Son. Hear Him.”

This is what the Father said when Jesus appeared transfigured with Moses on one side and Elijah on the other.

Jesus Himself said that of all the prophets, none were as great as John the Baptist, and he who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is even greater than John.

Stop using Old Testament prophets to excuse your wickedness. You are abusing the word of God, and you might find that two-edged sword slicing you up.

We are called to a higher calling in Christ Jesus.

Jesus and the Apostles said some things that we cannot forget, and it is so tempting to in this time.

We are to turn the other cheek. We are not to overcome evil with evil but overcome evil with good. We are to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

Many so-called prophets today have it backwards. They bite as a serpent and their wisdom fails them as drunkards. They are drunken off of their love of violence, love of being something great in the kingdom of God, and love of one-upping people who oppose them in love, trying to get them to wake up from their drunken stooper.

It is fitting to “abhor evil and cleave to what is good.” Abhor evil. Abhor wickedness. Call out the works of darkness and expose the workers of the wicked in high places. We are called to do so. But, if you are wise as a drunkard and harmful as a one who tears with their teeth and stings with their tails, if you are one who out of their mouth is frowardness “smoke and fire and brimstone” then you are not God’s prophet. You are Satan’s.

And you make things worse. You give the enemy fuel for their fire, you draw them nearer to the flock of the Lord, and you probably don’t convince any of them to repent.

Repent yourself and wait on the Lord. He will give power to those who are self-controlled, humble, lovers of peace, and lovers of all that is righteous and haters of all that is wicked including the false prophets.

I trust that the Lord will deal with the brethren and none who love Him of a truth—even if they are acting as false prophets presently—will fall away. That’s my hope. God will use them, and perhaps as Paul they will be even more zealous for speaking the fire of God and not the fire of the serpent.

If you are listening to someone who stirs up feelings of wrath and self-righteous indignation, who uses the word of God to justify works of the flesh, who is a lover of violence, then stop listening to them.

On the other hand, if you are listening to someone who is all peace and love without abhorring that which is evil, but instead justifies the wicked and refuses to stand against the works of evil, stop listening to them also.

It can go to the extreme in both cases. In Christ, we are to walk a balance. We are to find that “straight and narrow way” that often is found in the middle of extremes. Seek the Lord to part the waters for you, so to speak, so you can walk in the right way.

“Take heed to yourselves.” Seek Jesus and focus on your own areas of sin first, because many false prophets are out there with huge beams in their eyes. There are many who would cause you to forget the love of God on one hand and those who would have you justify the wicked on the other. So, again I say, “take heed to yourselves.” Seek Jesus for yourself so that you can be filled with the Holy Ghost. He will teach you all things.

As for delivering people to Satan, as Paul did, this can be necessary. However, if you are drunken then your aim is going to be off and you might find yourself being judged by your judgment. I dare anyone to attempt to deliver me to Satan. I have been delivered from him already by the Mighty God, and I am with Him now. I know Satan when I see him. Try me.

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