I Would Rather Be Weak in Flesh and Strong in Spirit

Maybe this is the fever that has wracked my mind today talking, or the maybe it’s many weeks without adequate rest, or perhaps it is the heart issue I’ve had since childhood that seems to be taking its toll on my body. Maybe it is the years of mental anguish.

Or, maybe it is heartache to see someone who I love dearly seem to seep into a state of spiritual drunkenness–and if I may be so blatant to say so, few are as dear to me as this person.

Whatever the cause, though my flesh is but weakness, I am bold in Spirit by the power of the Lord to say that it is a shame when we think that our fleshly strength is something to boast about—all the while refusing to be corrected according to the strength of the Spirit.

It is strength to be self-controlled. It takes more strength to tame a tongue than to take a city. It is the fearful who fight as man fights—with brute force. It is the brave who fight as God fights, trusting in Him and His strength—to lay life down and believe in Him to raise it again.

God is for peace, but yet, He sends warring. Violence to those who love violence. Pestilence to those who love pestilence. Famine to those who are for famine. Vengeance to those who love vengeance.

Who are we of? If we want to fight for God, we must control ourselves—and if we cannot—that should be priority. Be weak in flesh and strong in Spirit, and if we refuse, God will handle it. If we are His servants of a truth, and of His Spirit of a truth, He will subdue us so that we are strong in Him.

Jesus told me something a few years ago. He told me that He would “keep me at the Mount of Olives.” I did not know what it meant, but I am starting to know. I was also shown myself laying in a golden circle clumsily using a sword, then a power came over me and it was as if the sword moved on its own, quicker and quicker of its own will and not mine. I then stood up, walked over to my beloved friend who was doing as I was, wielding a sword within a golden circle. I saw a piece of this person’s circle was slightly out of whack, so I pushed it in without them noticing. I then walked away. I told this person of this dream, and I pray they remember.

It is time to walk away, and I pray that we can all be weak in flesh and strong in Spirit, so that we who love Him can be given power to wield the Word of God—which is the Sword of the Spirit of God—in righteousness. There are many forms of strength and many kinds of experience. What God values is foolish to man.

By the grace of God, I have a lifetime of experience that is valuable to those who will receive it and strength in Spirit to use this experience according to the will of the Father and for His glory.

For how long? Who knows? How long until my body cannot take it anymore? How long before the enemy of my soul does me in? It is for God to know and ordain—but make no mistake—I do not perish in fear or weakness—but in strength by He who is Mighty, and whatever comes my way I pray that I might say with faith and joy: “from dust I am and to dust I go, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

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