Considering Proverbs 10:29

29 The way of the Lord is strength to the upright: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

I don’t know if I’m reading this correctly, but this seems to say that the way of the Lord brings strength to the upright and destruction to the wicked. This is true, whether I am misreading the proverb or not.

As Christians, we should hope in the Lord, that by Him we might stand on the day of judgment—because He is the judgement. He is the judgment as He sends enemies to do His work and He is the judgment when He returns. His hand is shown in both ways, and in both ways the only way to stand is by being on good terms with God through the person of the Son.

I think of something Jesus said.

He said that He is a stone, and whoever falls on this stone will be broken, but whoever this stone falls upon will be ground to powder.

We need to fall on Jesus. He will break us. He will break us so that we can be remade, strengthened, and useful for His purposes.

As Paul the Apostle wrote, we should not think some strange thing has happened to us if our faith is tried by fire. I think we should find it strange if our faith is not tried. The faith of those who profess Jesus as Lord will be tried by fire, and those who sincerely trust in Jesus will remain.

The fire of God cleanses and refines just as it destroys—both the fire of the enemies of God who are used of God, and the fire of God Himself who is, as it is written, “a consuming fire.”

In all things, the grace of God is the true difference. None can stand without the grace of God. Faith is given by grace. Faith is not something we conjure up within ourselves. Trials are also grace for the sons of God. Jesus Himself was tempted, hated, and killed. He, being the Word of God, was faithful to the Father all the way to the cross. It is by Him alone that we can do the same.

This world will be tried and destruction is for those who work iniquity. Strength is for those who trust in Jesus and seek Him so they can do His will. On the Day of the Lord Jesus will say, “depart from me, you who work iniquity.”

Those who keep His works to the end are saved. The works of man is darkness and not light—and the Day of the Lord is the same. It is the same because man is given fully over to the ways of man: Death. When the Enemy of God’s people is given “a short time,” there will be darkness indeed. And as Jesus said, “if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” Will those who “serve two masters” suddenly become faithful to Jesus alone? Some. By the grace of God. For many, no.

When Jesus returns to overthrow the darkness, that is not light but claims to be, that day will also be as darkness—but to the enemies of God.

Jesus has the scent of life to those who live, and to those who die, He is the smell of death. This is also true for the servants of God. In the Last Days, those who are truly with Jesus will be called of Satan, and those who serve “darkness that is not light” will be called of God. Villains make themselves as victims and heroes are hunted. We see shadows of this already.

As it is written, “woe to those who desire the Day of the Lord.” If you desire to have the Lord pour out vengeance on the wicked, you might be one of them for whom His wrath is prepared. Woe to those who are “drunken with blood.”

Fear God, repent of your own sin in humility, love mercy, and judge all things rightly by the grace of God. Praise Jesus and trust in Him during times of trouble. His Word will be our defense. If we trust in man—whose light is darkness—then we are trusting in the wrong things.

You cannot serve two masters.

If you have trouble serving sin, trust in Jesus. He will make a way for you to serve Him more faithfully according to the measure of grace and faith given as the will of the Father deems. “After you have suffered a while, He will establish, strengthen and settle you.” Don’t count yourself among the wicked to be destroyed if you love Jesus, but fear. Fearing God is good. He gives mercy to those who fear Him and grace to the humble.

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