Clarification and Comparison Between the Satanic and Saintly: Sitting with Jesus in His Throne

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. – Revelation 3:21

I’ve referenced this a few times recently, and I think clarification is in order. I’ve been thinking for a while now about the comparisons between Satan and Jesus, the faithful church with the whore church, and so on.

There are a lot of similarities in scripture about the two. For example, Jesus is the Morning Star. Satan also calls himself the morning star. The ministers of Jesus are “flames of fire.” The ministers of Satan transform themselves into angels of light.

How can we know the difference but by the grace of God?

As for the idea of sitting with Jesus in His thrown, here is how I see it:

As a Christian, my hope is to have the righteousness of Christ worked in me by grace through faith in His promises, perfect timing, and good will for all the children of God.

As this occurs, Jesus becomes the Lord of my heart. This is a kind of present-day experience of the Kingdom of God. The more Jesus is in my heart, the more I also have power in His name. Not power to lord over others or entitlement to worship from others, but power over the sins of my flesh, and also power to see the “principalities and powers” of the “prince of this world” more clearly, and power in Christ to fight them according to His wisdom and not the wisdom of this world.

There is one who wants to sit in judgment of others, exalt himself above all else, lord himself over others, and be worshipped as God: Satan.

This is not the same thing.

It is not the same thing to have an eager and earnest expectation of the righteousness of Christ worked in us so that we can do His works and to have an eager and earnest expectation to be as God on our own accord, or according to some other foolish and vain way of mankind.

Now, if you struggle with wanting to be something great, to have the love and approval of mankind, or some other worldly ambition…guess what? This is common to man.

No one likes to consider it, or so it seems, but we are naturally children of Satan. We need a savior. The more we seek Jesus and approach God and the more we are freed from the bonds of Satan, the more we see that we are nothing but the scum of the earth—and to desire the love and approval of fellow scum is nothing.

Satan wants to rob us. He wants to make it so that we are slaves to him and his kingdom of death. His churches do not free from sin. His churches, while they exalt man, accuse those who want to be as Christ of being antichrist—and it is no wonder—because the Great Whore is “drunken with the blood of saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.”

Yet…who was not of her?

We don’t like to see ourselves as the bad guys. Everyone wants to be a hero. Guess what? We are the bad guys. We are the Four Horsemen.

We are all in part in need of repentance. In Revelation 2-3 you see letters to 7 churches. 5 are rebuked. 2 are not. In Revelation 11, the “two candlesticks” which are the 2 faithful churches remain. And guess what? They are “clothed in sackcloth” which is a symbol for mourning and repentance. They are of the 5 who repent, or that is my take on it.

To assume we are the “good guys” is foolish, and knowing that we are not, or at least recognizing that we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus and the grace of God only, we are keeping the patience of the Lord.

I do not like any teaching that glorifies in man. There are no special men or women of God. There is only the scum of the earth redeemed by the blood of Jesus, and yes, if we overcome and keep HIS works, we will be granted to sit with Him in His thrown.

Presently, this means power over sin and the kingdoms of this world.

In the future, this means that when Jesus returns and judges the false prophet, beast, and whore, He will gather His army together to the Supper of the Great God.

What is this if not the Wedding Supper of the Lamb?

Of a truth, many are not taking it seriously, just as the parable of Jesus says.

Many say that going to church is what it means to attend that supper. Not entirely, though it can be in part if you have been fortunate enough to find a faithful church. Presently, we attend as we feast on the word of God and gain strength to by the Word of God to overcome Satan and his army in this present world.

In the future, Satan and His angels will come in a more profound way, and those who are of the present-day “principalities and powers” are going to be “taken” by Him. They will worship him and call themselves His church and bride. They will feel justified in killing the servants of God—and many do already in a spiritual sense as they lead them into captivity to sin with bad teachings from exalted men who carry the name of Jesus corruptly.

Jesus will return and subdue many. He will even forgive many, and so we wait patiently and look for Him to come and free us. He will. He will free us first by sending the false Christ who will turn on His own and burn His whore with fire. He will kill the saints also. We will know this is not the real Christ, because we are the wise virgins who know the difference between the Satanic and the Saintly.

We need to keep seeking Jesus, get to know Him better, see our filth for what it is and trust in Him to do something about it so that we can serve Him and others as He would have us to do. And this means suffering, and for many it means death in the flesh—but life everlasting!

There are other comparisons to make. For example, what is the difference between being a “pillar in the temple of our God” and being one who “sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God?” What is the difference between being New Jerusalem and being the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon?  

These are important distinctions, and if we are carnally minded, we cannot know them because these are spiritually discerned, as Jesus says. Many things are. Good luck fundamentalists. May the grace of God be with you. I say that sincerely.

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