Jesus is Near the Broken Ones. So are the Wolves.

One thing I love about Jesus is His love for the weak. Those who know that they are sinners, those who know that they are lost in this world, those who are not content with this life, those who want to know God and always feel a lack, no matter how much of God they come to know. Jesus is near them.

Those who feel like they have no place in this world and no real relief in this world. Jesus is near them. Those who have no strength or wisdom of their own. Jesus is near them. Those who have one foot in the grave and look to God for help. Jesus is near them.

The wolves are near them also.

People who want to have power and control over others are good at spotting the weak—because they are themselves weak, whether they know it or not. They spot them, lure them in by promising to give them all that their heart’s desire, then turn them into obedient pons—just to destroy or discard them once they have served whatever purpose the wolf has for them.

There are many wolves.

Thanks be to God who raises up shepherds, who are not Jesus, but who are among the poor and broken redeemed by Jesus. Those who do not want to create their own kingdom, but His Kingdom. Thanks be to God that these are out there too, and the lost ones can come to them, get to know Jesus, and find strength in Him alone so that they can go out and do this work too.

I know the difference between a wolf and a shepherd, and Jesus can make this known to us all. There are many wolves—especially in the realm of “principalities and powers.”

There are the wolves of every Christian denomination—in the structural sense. Please hear what I say, if God gives it. There are good shepherds also within them all, and the Lord’s flock within them all—yet the mark of a wolf is there. To build a gathering. To grow rich. To grow powerful. To use people for their own gain and to toss out any who oppose them. Is this not true of every single Christian denomination? Show me one for whom this is not true, and I will repent of saying this.

There are wolves who claim to be prophets who speak against the other “wolves,” but they too want to make themselves something great. They see the weak sheep who have felt cast out by one wolf, and they lure them in just so they can devour them and turn them into obedient members of their pack—pack members they can then use to gather in more broken ones and devour them. It is a bottomless pit, is it not? Devouring and more devouring.

There are many wolves.

There are wolves in government. There are wolves in societal movements.

There are many wolves.

The trouble with wolves is that they make more wolves. They bring people into their pack—people who they can manipulate because they spot weakness in them.

Wolves breed wolves. Shepherds breed shepherds.

It is an interesting thing. In the Kingdom of God, the wolves will lay down with the lambs.

How wonderful is our God!!

He will tame them. Many will receive mercy, because many are wolves born of wolves—wolves who were once of a poor and contrite spirit, led away by the falsehoods of many “principalities and powers.”

Do you want to fight the wolves?

Show them the truth. Show them the Lamb of God of a truth, so perhaps they will humble themselves and lay down.

Don’t fight wolves by becoming another wolf.

Fight wolves by becoming a lamb—even as the Lamb of God—by the power and grace of God through the Son, Jesus Christ. If they refuse, He will subdue them. They cannot resist the King of Kings.

This is what He has shown me, and I believe this is true and good. Only Jesus would say such a thing. Of a truth, His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. My nature is to cower before a wolf or kill one if I am cornered. His nature is to turn them into sheep. This will be true for many, and thanks be to God because if we are honest with ourselves…

We were wolves too.

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