The Loop of Depression for Ni-Ti Brains

This is an off-the-wall post for a friend. I suspect this person will benefit from this information who seems to be one of these weirdos like myself. I mean this in a light-hearted way.

People gather, process, and implement information in a variety of ways. There is an area of loose science that has explored this concept. Some regard it. Some don’t. As someone with an odd kind of brain, and one that is prone to depression, finding this information helped me.

I try to keep these things in mind and seek Jesus when I get down and find that my thoughts are spiraling out of control or into depression. I also try to recognize that most people do not think like I do. This makes it easier to find a way to communicate more effectively.

Our way of dealing with the world is a gift on one hand that can serve Jesus if we get to know ourselves a little and focus on Jesus more and on the chaos a little less. Jesus says, “sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.” Our way of dealing with the world can be a kind of curse that can draw us into a dark state of being that is hard to get out of. So, I want to share this.

Be cautious. There are some ridiculous ideas about this personality/cognitive function type. Focus on the science behind it, not the mysticism and vanity of man. Get the good information, use it, and seek Jesus in this so you can break these cycles. I still get in them. Frequently. However, they pass much more quickly thanks to this understanding and learning to seek Jesus early.

Of course, Jesus is the way to all healing and truth, but it helps to recognize our own patterns so that we can seek Jesus to help direct our minds towards something profitable, ideally, Himself.

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