Of a Truth

Of a Truth, it has been a long time since I poured out my heart to the wind.

Who will hear it?

Of a Truth, I am sick with sin, and who can help?

Who can pray for me so that God will hear? He who hears the prayers of the righteous and turns His eyes away from those who defile His Name.

Will I again visit my Pentecostal brethren, who make claim to be the true Bible-believing and Spirit led church—who I could not join because I would not bind myself to their laws?

Will I again visit my Baptist brethren, who sing songs, listen to preaching, then send us on our way as though our duty to the Lord is done—who I could not join because I would not bind myself to their laws?

Will I visit my Catholic brethren? Will the prayer of the Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness soothe my soul?

Will I go Online to hear a man or woman prophet so-called stand in the gap for me, whose prayers are tainted with spittle littered with the flesh of my brethren who they hate and accuse?

Do I accuse you? No, I do not accuse you. I simply want a place to go.

Of a Truth, there is none.

Do I call upon loved ones, who speak nice words to my face and slander me behind my back—who see my poverty in this world and in spirit as a reproach, as one who is rejected of God because in my integrity cannot bind myself with those who have forgotten the ways of the Lord?

Do I call upon loved ones who have their own lives to live, who I do not want to burden? Those who care are a great blessing to me. Lord see and repay. Let them too be blessed! Yet…

Of a Truth, even those I love most are bound. What can they do for me?

Of a Truth, many use your Name to make themselves rich in this life and in social status. Of a Truth, many think you will be their safety in troublous times, but of a Truth, heaven will be silent.

Yet, I hope in Your mercy. I know Your will is good for all who love You in heart and not in word only. Of a Truth, I am a sinner too. I need You too. I need help too…but who will help?

Of a Truth, my stomach has no energy to spare to digest food, because I am used up with no one to replenish. Of a Truth, my heart is weak, my body aches, and I am in awe that at such a young age I feel so old.

Of a Truth, my soul looks to the One who can save, and I am glad because I know that He draws nearer with each passing day!

Of a Truth, many are dried up and used up by this world. I know I am not am not the only one.

Of a Truth, I know that those who call us forsaken will be ashamed.

Of a Truth, He who is Truth will hear. He will come. He will strengthen. He will repay.

Of a Truth, He will show much mercy—He who said, “forgive them for they know not what they do.”

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