Considering Proverbs 10:17

He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.

We are all very foolish by nature—especially in terms of our lack in the wisdom of God. However, so long as we are willing to be instructed, we can be corrected by Him. If we refuse His correction, then we will continue in error, instead choosing to follow the wisdom of man.

The pride of man thinks their own way is best. The pride of man does not regard God and the wisdom that is shown by and through the Son, Jesus Christ. Even among many who are called by His name—but I trust that He will correct us. He will cause us to be humbled so that we no longer refuse correction.

The correction of God brings life. The pride of foolish man only brings death.

We see many examples in this life of the pride and foolishness of man, and we see how their hardness of heart only leads to further disaster.

Failed policies by governments are a good example of this. They pass laws and create programs that hurt people, and instead of seeking the wisdom of God that could correct their mistake, they cover it up with more law or by shifting blame between political parties.

Law upon law, tax upon tax, blame upon blame, death upon death—but who regards the ways of the Lord? Will this not lead to their destruction along with all those who trust in them?

The ways of the Lord are hated, because His ways are against the proud who trust in their own way and in the foolish wisdom of man. The ways of the Lord are hated because He gives grace to the humble and raises up those who were despised. The ways of the Lord are hated because His ways reveal wickedness and condemns those who love it.

I’m sad to say that the foolishness of man is also seen in Christianity. I say this to provoke thought and repentance as needed for each individual, not to condemn. I have been all of these things in some measure. I need mercy too.

Instead of being corrected in doctrine, or at least agreeing to disagree on secondary and tertiary issues so that we can “be one” as the Father and the Son are one—as Jesus’s prayer to the Father hoped in John 17—we instead choose to follow our own way.

Instead of learning to seek the Spirit of the matters we disagree over, we continue to “strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.” We choose legalism over the liberty of His Spirit, and therewith we divide and condemn each other while thinking our denomination or favored teachings and teachers to be superior.

If someone disagrees with the teachings of our denomination, we cast them out of our church or ostracize them until they leave: and these are our brethren who trust in the Spirit, recognize their poverty of Spirit and want to grow.

These are our brethren who take the Word of God that was shed for us seriously enough to recognize that we disagree for a reason, and we should be more humble minded instead of drunk off of the wine of vipers who make us feel as though we have the truth when those “fake” Christians do not.

“Your brethren that hated you that cast you out for my name’s sake said, “let the Lord be glorified,” but He will appear to your joy and they shall be ashamed.”

How we reject the ways of the Lord, and instead of loving Him and loving our brethren as we should, we take delight in our pride and in many pastors and so-called prophets that destroy, divide, and conquer in the name of Jesus as they grow rich off of Him.

Jesus is not a business brand made to line the pockets of man! Jesus is not a social symbol to be used to make one feel better than other people! Jesus is not a loophole for a sinful life!

We create dependents on pastors and on churches that do so little to be faithful to His name and His teachings. We create failed systems that breed moral corruption and we fail to correct it. Is all of this not our pride an undoing?

Yet, we want to blame the governments. We want to blame unbelievers. Have we forgotten that judgement begins at the house of God? WE have things to answer for. WE have things that need to be corrected. WE will refuse it. WE will welcome Death before the end because of our stubbornness and pride.

Yet, who can know the limits of the mercy and patience of God!?

How wonderful it will be to see many return to Him when all we have vainly trusted in comes down before our eyes!

Yet, how terrible it will be when many see those who they have hated exalted by Him as leaders who we can look to, and instead of hearing correction He gives by those who He has appointed in leu of our manmade appointments, we again refuse because we are too proud. We would rather follow the Beast system and his Whore.

This will not be the fate of those who really love Him. Many will lose what they “seemed” to have as their hearts are tried by the fires of tribulation.

I’ve had my heart tried by this life, and I did not much like what I saw. I know that Jesus will reveal things to us, and I know that His mercy is incredibly vast for those who trust in Him. If we are willing to be corrected, willing to be a shame for His name, and willing to seek Him for His mercy even though we know that we do not deserve it, He will answer. I believe this for all who are called by His name and who love Him.

If the grace of God is for us, nothing can be against us. Least of all ourselves and the failings of man.

We should also consider that all failing–both within our nation and Christian nation–are what have made it possible for us to prosper in this life and in the knowledge Jesus.

Just as Paul the apostle told the gentiles not to boast against the root, because the root bears them, we should not boast against the failings of the nation or of the structural churches. Though many are cut off because of unbelief, they stood so that we could learn. So, as Paul the apostle wrote, “be not high minded, but fear.”

Jesus must be our God. He must be our God above our foolish allegiances with the destructive ways of man—including the ways within our churches—which are found in them all. Every. Single. One.

The way we do church in the United States is not acceptable anymore. We cannot continue to look to the authority of Man. WE are the temple of God. WE need to make sacrifices for His Name’s sake—beginning with sacrificing our foolishness and pride that refuses to be corrected.

He will raise up leaders, but not according to the wisdom of man and our failings. He will raise up those who have been tried and proven–by the grace of God–to be faithful to His word, not desiring of power, money or glory of man. In the end, the One who reigns is Jesus Himself and He will throw down all things that are exalted above Him.

Our national problems do in-fact reflect the state of Christian problems, and that is not some great wonder. The hearts of man are the same in all situations, especially situations that involve the authority of man. So, before we go around hating on our opposing political parties, unbelievers, or anyone at all, we need to look to our own.

We can also trust that all things are the grace of God towards us. He can show this to us, and He can show how all things—even our failings—are used for good. All things bring us closer to Him and His Kingdom. God has favored us, who are His true church, not made by the hands of man but by the Lord Himself!

I am also thankful that God deals with us as individuals. We are not blamed and punished for the sins of the whole, but there are sufficient individuals that what we will see seems to be a systemic rebuke. Trust in Him. Know that He sees each and every one of us, and He will do as He must for each and every one of us who love Him. He is true to His word!

I know that many disagree with my perspective, and that is okay. If I am shown to be a fool, I will gladly repent and use the lesson for good. I have no pride that gets in the way of making a fool of myself for the mistakes I make, and that is the grace of God.

Many hate that I would say that Jesus by His Spirit has shown me this, and that is okay too. We can agree to disagree because He is Lord, and He will show us all things according to His perfect grace towards us. We cannot disagree on loving each other as He loved us. We need to put that first, and in so doing, He is first.

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