Choosing Which Burdens to Carry

Life is full of difficult scenarios, and sometimes knowing what to do can be trying because there are multiple perspectives to take on the issue. One perspective might mean doing one thing. Another perspective might mean doing the opposite. Both could be true and good, depending on the timing.

For example, I do believe that Christians will be forced out of society and will ban together out of necessity. Scriptures seem to indicate this, as does our Christian history. I can look at situations arising, like the censorship and cancel culture of the digital world, and think that it is right for us to leave that world behind. If we did, we would have to take care of each other because we live in a digital era. Many could not “buy or sell” without that world.

I also believe that if enough people walked away at once, then some entities might experience a big hit, and maybe reconsider their cancel culture.

However, censorship and cancel culture are more than decisions made by big tech corporations. These are societal movements that reside in the hearts of many deceived and wicked people. This is a heart issue, first and foremost.

Maybe if Christians banned together and showed love for one another as it was in the days of the apostles, then maybe that would be a strong testimony to the unbelieving world. Maybe some would experience a change of heart.

I’m certain we would become targets also. However, part of me believes that I would rather become a target because I chose to walk away and be a separate people than to become targets later and forced out. We will either choose to leave or we will be forced to go. God’s will is done regardless.

So, I think, we should leave the digital world of our own accord. Yet, if we do so before our time has come, or encourage others to do so, we could be laying heavy burdens on them that they do not need to carry. I also lack the faith to take that leap alone. I don’t know of anyone personally who is willing to give it all up in hopes that others would follow suit.

So, what should be done?

I feel like I am at a crossroads, and I don’t know which direction to take. I can keep doing as I have been doing. I can keep working on myself so that I am a better servant of Jesus. I can keep writing the articles for as long as I can write them and try to be of use to those around me.

I can wait for the things I believe to be true to come to pass then do whatever the Lord calls me to do in that time. That means bearing the burdens of patience in a time that makes my need to take action and control over injustice go haywire. That means waiting to meet the Lord a while longer when there are things that make leaving this world seem oh so sweet.

Or, I can try to push a movement that no one would take up, and then I am possibly destroyed before the time of real trouble comes, and those who I would have supported in that time are left alone.

I also know that as zealous as I can be at times for what is good and as much as I long to see Jesus, my own life is not in order sufficiently to meet Him. I would that it was. Then maybe I would have the faith to take that big leap. I know in my heart that I am not ready yet, and those who depend on me are not ready to do without me.

So, I will do what I can, in my own small way, to change the hearts of a few by turning them to Jesus as I continue learning how to better submit my own heart to Him. For now, that means being consistent in my home and in service. I will resume the planned articles, Lord willing, tomorrow.

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