One Thing We Can Do

We each have our own life to sort out, and hopefully we do so through a veil of healthy fear of the Lord. We each need to hear what the Lord is speaking to us in this time. I don’t know what the right thing to do is for us collectively as Christians. I do think I know somewhat, based on scriptures, based on history, and based on the seeming trajectory of this world. Yet, what can one person do?

I know one thing we can do. I know one thing I can do.

I can look honestly at myself to see what this time of difficulty has brought out in me. Is there something good to give glory to God for? That would be ideal. Do we have greater appreciation for Him and His ways and for our brethren? Do we have greater appreciation for truth, righteous judgment, justice, and mercy? Are we feeling how lowly we truly are and how God alone holds our souls?  Do we long for His Kingdom over the things of this world?

These things are good. We can praise the Lord and feel lifted in our hearts towards Him. We can think about all that He has done and will do. We can learn to trust in Him more.

However, if I look at myself honestly, I can see that this time of difficulty has brought out things that I do not like. I have to let some things die. I have to let my covetousness die. I have to let my resentments die. I have to let my fear die. I have to let my selfishness die. I have to let my desire to control things that I cannot control die. I have to let my foolishness, vanity, and pride die. These things have no place in the Kingdom of God, and these things will impede me from serving Him during any time of real trouble. We have seen nothing yet.

God will make a way. He always does. He will show us what to do and He will reveal all truth to us. This includes truth of our sinful nature and the things that will hold us back and keep us from being as useful for Him as we could be. I want to speak truth. I want to live truth. How can I if my heart and mind still serves another master? These wicked things still exist in me, and they need to die. These things are weakness, but in the Spirit we find strength.

What dead things do we need to let go of? What life giving things do we have to praise the Lord for? This is one thing we can do, and as with all things that pertain to life, Jesus will do it. He is the beginning and the ending of our faith. He is the beginning and ending of our salvation. He is the beginning and ending of our lives. He is the beginning and ending of this world.

As I was thinking on these things this morning, I saw something in my mind like a daydream. I saw the earth and it had a thick veil over it that mimicked the appearance of the world. It had oceans and lands, but it was plastic. It was fake. This was a representation of all the lies and distortions of our media, governments, social movements, and the love of lies we all hold in general. It was folded up like clay in the hand of God. Be comforted. He will reveal truth. He will show us the lies. This includes the lies we tell ourselves and the dead things we still hold on to.

Living life as normal is a lie I need to let go. I need to continue to seek the Lord to know what He would have me do, and I encourage others to do the same.

We know how it all ends. We know that those who serve death will die. Let’s serve Life and live. While we wait on further instruction from the Lord, This is one thing we can do. And it is the most important thing.

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