How Can We Just Keep Living A Normal Life?

Things just don’t feel right. Do they? It feels strange to me to just keep going with life as normal. It feels strange to keep with my long-term education plans for my kids so they can succeed when the world they are living in is dying. It feels strange to keep working as a content writer for businesses that sell products and services that will not profit people who are starving. It feels strange to make plans about buying a home or doing anything much to attain the “American Dream” when America is no longer America.

How can I continue as if life is normal when it is not?

I’m not sure what to do.

Continuing with my Christian blog as planned does not seem like enough. This digital world is not real. I can put out all the words I want, but if the words I put out do not provoke some kind of real-world action, then what good are they?

I wonder how many of us delude ourselves into thinking that we are doing something by making more content. Are we? On one hand, it is good to speak while we still can. There may come a time when we are forced out of the online world. Maybe we should leave of our own accord. To hell with Google and their buddies and their control over every facet of our lives. Let the dying online world become an echo chamber of death. Let our words have LIFE that bring something REAL.

I don’t know. I do know that God cannot be censored, and the more they try to censor us the more they provoke Him to give us words that cannot be ignored. Words that bring life and death. Words that bring something REAL and TRUE.

I am so sad to see how defeated everyone around me is. I was just mocked for saying that we should do something. “Go and make a martyr of yourself then” I was told, and not in a kind way. People don’t want to see how weak we have become. How dependent. How afraid. How faithless.

Everyone says that there is no point in doing anything. It is what it is. I have felt that too. On one hand, I believe that God is in control and there are many reasons why He would have things as they are—and it is for our good as Christians because in many ways we have not been good stewards. We need to return to Him.

Yet, in returning to Him, we should also ban together, should we not? If we banned together and took care of one another, maybe we could step out of this futile attempt to continue life as normal in a time that is not normal. We will be forced to do so eventually. Will we wait until we have no choice, or will be so beaten down by then that we join in with the enemy? As it is written, “If you cannot run with the footmen, how can you contend with horses?”

If we took care of one another, maybe we could end our allegiance to this dying world that controls us including this digital world of lies and all manner of wickedness. Could we live without our smart phones? Our remote jobs? I could not unless God provided. There is something about this digital world that has been eating at me.

I want to do things in the REAL world. I don’t know. Maybe as I said, we speak while we can using any venue we can. Or maybe we boycott it all and let the dead have their own. Maybe we ban together and say to hell with it all and wait for the Lord. I would gladly do so, but none would come with me.

I want a REAL life. I want to speak REAL words that bring TRUTH to a DYING world. Being online is not enough. I try to live a good Christian life, but I need to do more. I think we all do. Being a keyboard or YouTube warrior is not enough. Not anymore. Jesus will show us what to do.

It might be time to do some hard things that seem foolish and futile. It is better to risk it all now. If we cannot do so now, how will we stand against a false christ? It is better to die for what is good, even if it is God’s will that this land should die, than it is to passively accept evil and think we will escape by playing along. We won’t. That’s the same mindset that will cause many to take the mark of the beast. Again I say, “If we have run with the footman and they have wearied us, how can we contend with horses?”

Who will run with me? I don’t know how. I don’t know what this looks like yet. But SOMETHING needs to be done. A blog is not enough. Living life as normal is not enough and it seems so foolish to do so because our world is changing. Why work for a life and world that will not be unless we change our course? Yet, what option is there? There must be a way. God always makes a way.

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