Thankful for Small Ministries

I want to offer some encouragement for small ministries. Whether you have a blog, some other form of online ministry, or a church, I know that being small can be discouraging at times. Yet, it is good.

A lot can be accomplished from small ministry, and there are benefits for those who have them.

I benefitted from a small ministry. The work I benefitted from was not created for me, but for the wife of the one who did that work. Their dynamic is beautiful and I never want to rob them of that. They have their glory in that of the Lord. It is not my glory, but theirs. I have felt more like the “strange woman” who says, “stolen bread is sweet,” or more like David who ate the shew bread.

I don’t think they would say that of me. They have their glory, and their glory in Jesus, and I have my own in Jesus, and no one will be robbed of what He gave. Ultimately, because all glory is His, we are all robbers. Anything we receive and therewith build upon is His.  

So, all I can do is give back. I robbed and received freely, so I give freely. And because the ministry I robbed from was created for one, and because it had such a profound affect on me, I have learned to also be content with being small. If I can have the effect that was had on me for just one, then that is good. It is worth it.

It is funny to me when I have been accused of being a cult leader. You have to have a following to be a cult leader. Even so, I get it. When you have a slightly different take on things, people become fearful. The last thing I want to do is create yet another Christian denomination, or God forbid, a cult.

The last thing I want is to be a kind of idol myself, so I am thankful for being small. I also know that small can accomplish great things. One person can teach one, and that one teaches another, and so on. Things can grow in a way that we do not see, and not seeing keeps us safe from vanity.

If you have a small ministry, thank the Lord for it. We can look at the corruption of big ministries and be critical of that, but would we be any better if we had that kind of exposure and following? Such is the  state of man. We are blessed to be small. And if you have one that is larger, take care that you do not become an idol. Ultimately, all glory is God’s glory. We are robbers.

I want to end this writing today with something that I do not usually do publicly, and that is ask for prayer. On one hand, I feel bound and happy to do the work I do for the church. Yet, I am so tired. I know that though I sometimes feel like a church of one, I am not. I know that no single person can contain the fullness of the Spirit of God except Jesus. I think it would kill you. It would stretch you too much.

I pray that Jesus will send some help, not because I claim to have the fullness of God. Don’t think that, but I get why we are a body and not meant to be a church of one. It’s too much. I sincerely thought I would die from exhaustion yesterday, so I went to bed early. Though I am up early so that I can do all that I must do today, and through I am very tired, I trust in Jesus. He will strengthen. Yet, I do ask for prayer. Not sympathy, but faith. Jesus will make a way somehow.

So, small is good. Yet, small is tiring. We are a body that works together with Jesus at the head, and we should never forget that.

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