From the Mouth of Babes: You Can’t Serve God and Money

I want to share something that one of my sons shared with me, because I do believe this to be from the Lord, Jesus. I’ll be the first to admit to feeling appalled when I see people putting their kids on display for their so-called religious encounters. Some seem—based on the content alone–to be highly questionable.

However, this is not the first time my sons have said biblical things. I am also in control of their Christian education so I know what they have been taught and what they have not. When they speak something that goes beyond a children’s bible story level of understanding, I listen.

God is amazing! He has said that “your sons and your daughters will prophesy.” They are not clouded by loyalties and cares of this world. I love the mind of young children!

We were sitting together in the dining room, not doing anything in particular when my son asked me, “Is Israel real?” I told him that it is.

He said, “Jesus is going to take us there. But, we can’t take the money. If we take the money, we will die. But, we will just wake up and have food. (He gestured to our kitchen table). We will wake up and the table will have all this food. Jesus will give us food to eat. We can’t take the money, mom.” Then he said that Jesus would make “trees with a lot of fruit.”

Here is my take on it:

As for Jesus taking us to Israel, I don’t know if that is literal or in spirit. We who worship Jesus in Spirit are grafted into Israel. I have wondered if the false prophet will set up his kingdom in Israel, and I know whatever he does, many will worship him. So, I am always cautious when it comes to ideas concerning a return to Israel.

As far as the choosing Jesus over “the money” I think this is something akin to not being able to “buy or sell” without forsaking Jesus as our Lord and Savior. If that time comes, we can trust in Jesus. He will take care of us–and in that time–many trees will be fruitful. I think that fruitfulness refers to Christians who are kept during that time, refined, and made fruitful in the Kingdom of Heaven.

My son also expressed concern about a family member who would choose the money, and he wondered what we would do. I know that many people we love will forsake Jesus, and this is going to be hard to deal with. Many we love might go so far as to betray us to death. However, it is better than to give in.

As hard as that seems, I trust that Jesus will strengthen us. Peter, who denied Jesus, was reported to have suffered a horrible death for the faith, as have many. Our own strength will deny Him. Never lean on that. Lean on Him. His strength will not waiver!

My son also told me once, when he was three years old, that the “bad Jesus king” wrapped up the “good Jesus king” and put him “in an oven.” He said that the “good Jesus king” stood up and said, “I am alive!” He then said that the “good Jesus king” would come back and tie up the “bad Jesus king” and he would not come back. Because of this, I take what he said now seriously.

These messages are the gospel, and I did not give these to my son. I believe that the Spirit of God did. How wonderful! If our young children can learn of the gospel from the Spirit of God then anyone can. He is in control of all things, and as one of my other sons once said, “God never stops talking.” HE IS, HE WAS and HE WILL RETURN.

However, make no mistake, that many false christs come too, and Death will have his day before Jesus comes back. Do not think that “the day of Christ can come at anytime.” First the “wicked one will be revealed.” There are scriptures teaching us this.

Many think that a rapture will happen at any moment. Not so. The heavens will open up to welcome the false christ before they usher in the kingdom of our Lord, Jesus. It is a shame that we teach people this. I heard this taught today. People really expect to see the heavens open up and Jesus descend at any moment now. Not good. Even so, Jesus is in control and faithful despite our misunderstandings.

I believe that the rapture is a spin off and corruption of the resurrection and transfiguration. Take a look at a simple rebuttal of the rapture here. I have a more in-depth look at this teaching on my other website. I will look over it and republish it here.

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