The Spirit of God is Meekness…Not Weakness

Yesterday I wrote that Christians should not trust in “Egypt,” but in the Spirit of God. We should “wait on Him.” Waiting on the Lord, Jesus means that we serve Him. In order to serve Jesus, we need to know who He is. We need to have a relationship with Him. We need to be as His sheep who recognize His voice and not the voice of strangers. We need to trust in Him.

This is not something that can be developed overnight. So, in that, I understand why the parable of the wise and foolish virgins makes sense. Yet, I also believe that “a smoking flax he shall not quench.” I believe that those who can fill others should try to do so. The door is not shut yet. Yet, how do we fill smoldering Christians effectively and as quickly as possible?

This is something I want to think more about. For now, one thing stands out.

As Christians, we know that Jesus does not condone violence. God hates it. Jesus is meek. However, meekness is not weakness.

The Sprit of God is not weakness.

The Spirit of God provides us with meekness—or self-control—and the wisdom and strength to act in a manner that is effective at bringing about Kingdom of Heaven results in this world. Weakness is harsh, rash, foolish, cowardly, fearful, unbelieving, murderous, idolatrous, and all manner of wickedness.

Weakness is destroying our world.

Jumping to hasty conclusions without gathering the real facts is destroying our world. Emotional reactions rooted in fear, cowardice, lack of responsibility and accountability, and apathy are destroying our world. Violence of foolishness and unbelief are destroying our world. Trusting in men instead of God—which is idolatry and sorcery—is destroying our world. Trusting in the strength of “Egypt” is not strength. It is weakness.

Although I do not condone violence, because violence is incontinence and violence is weakness, I do not condone rolling over and doing nothing either. However, without the Spirit of God leading us, all we will get is more of the same. More weakness. More destruction.

The Spirit of God will strengthen us. He will give us mighty words to say and actions that resist the evils in this world in an effective manner that shows what the Kingdom of God is about. The kingdoms of this world are weak—and the One we serve has overcome them already.

Their strength is shameful. It is nothing and it will come to nothing. Do not trust in Egypt. Trust in Jesus. Learn of Him. Hear HIS voice. HE will show you what to do. To one He says stay where you are and serve me there. To another He says go here and perform a righteous action. To one He says learn of me and get your own house in order.

It all depends on what HE would have each person to do on an individual bases, so I cannot instruct you. However, I do want to do what I can to help you hear His voice and not the voice of strangers—and there are many loud, confused, and bloody voices out there. Weakness. “Learn meekness, and He will teach you terrible things.” Learn what that means, and you will be strong.

The world dies at the hands of weak men. In Christ, there is neither male nor female, and in Christ we are strong. We will overcome this. Even if our lives are given up and the Lord finds it fitting to give this world over to the hands of weak men, we will live again because He is MIGHTY in us. He is LIFE. And we who trust in Jesus alone will live. Nothing has power over us. Not even death!

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