The Desolation of the UK

The title is meant to provoke thought. I can’t make any certain claim, but things seem to be going in a very “desolate” direction. A few days ago, we rung in the new year, and it was sad to see empty streets. Lifeless. Desolate.

I just heard about extreme lockdown measures that are being imposed by the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, due to this “COVID-19 Variant.” I’m not an expert in these things, but I don’t have to be an expert to recognize desolation when I see it, and neither do you. This is not right, and we should not be surprised to see the same thing happen here in the United States.

I wonder what will happen next? First it was a two-week lockdown to slow the spread, and now, the UK will be shut down for “at least six weeks.” At least. What does that really mean? This isolation is not good for anyone, no matter what the so-called experts say. Even among those who trust in science, many will tell you that the numbers just don’t add up. This does not makes sense. Something else is at work, but what? Why are all things being made “desolate?”

There are many sins of this world, and I do believe that anything that happens is ultimately God’s will–and that also means that ultimately, all things are working together for the good of those who trust in Him. So, I really want to drive this thought home: “all who trust in Jesus will not be made desolate.” There are also scriptures warning us not to rejoice over the desolation of the wicked, lest we find the wrath of God turned onto us.

This is a sad time, but we can find some measure of hope in knowing that God is in control. When things seem dark, God is at work. We can trust in Him. We can trust in the Son. He will keep us.

The governments can try to take it all away, but in Jesus we have something they can never take away. We have faith in a Kingdom in which righteousness dwells. There is no darkness there. There is no desolation, but life everlasting.

I can’t help but wonder what will follow. What will we be required to do in order to go back to life as “normal?” Or, is this “new normal” going to take over? I don’t know what is going to happen, but I do know that any power that rises with a solution will not be Christ, and we should not trust in it. It would be better to lay our life down and live than to trust in desolation. Desolation means empty, void, isolated. Dead.

Jesus makes us full. He brings us life. He makes us connected with those who love Him and trust in Him–and no matter how isolated this world gets, we are united in Spirit.

Never let those who make void rob you of your joy and peace. Never let those who make void steal your faith and cause you to fear. Never let those who make void cause you to bow to anyone other than the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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