Considering Proverbs 10:9

He that walketh uprightly walketh surely: but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.

Another translation of this verse is, Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.

I think we can apply this to any person or group of people who live and promote injustice.

All things are known to God. There is nothing that man can do without His knowledge, and He will deal with all crooked things. He makes the ways of the wicked known to us, and He provides us with a “straight and narrow” path to walk that helps us avoid these crooked paths. One day, He will also make the deeds of the wicked and unjust known.

God can reveal the crooked paths in many ways.

He can reveal their deeds through Christians that speak up about the nature of the crooked paths, and in contrasting these crooked ways with the “straight and narrow” way of God, some might be converted.

He can reveal their crooked paths by allowing the “fruit of their doings,” or the consequences of their actions, come to a full. They might deceive many people into following their crooked path, but eventually all who do will see that this path only leads to death.

One day, those who make and walk in crooked paths will face the judgment of God—and there is no hiding what they have done from Him.

As Christians, we are thankful that Jesus forgave us of all the crooked things we have done, and we know that when we meet the Lord, it will be a joyful meeting—not one of dread and condemnation—and that is because we wear the blood of the Son of God who was crucified for our sins.

As Christians, we are thankful that we are not doomed to a continued life of confusion and sin. Through the Holy Spirit of God and by familiarity with the word of God and relationship with Jesus who is the Word of God, we can learn to avoid all crooked paths. If we go astray, we can have faith that the Lord will make our crooked ways known to us so that we can repent and get back on track.

Having our own crooked ways made straight should always be priority. Although we saw this happen to a large degree when we turned away from a life of sin and to Jesus, staying self-aware is important. The Christian journey is on-going, and because we still live in the flesh, we can find ourselves going astray if we are not continually seeking Jesus.

“Those who walk after the Spirit of God are the sons of God,” and there is always room to grow in our walk.

There are many crooked paths out there, and there are many who create these paths and call them good. There are many who want to destroy those who refuse to walk on these crooked paths and those who want to do the work of God and make these crooked ways known.

Have faith in Jesus. He will reveal all things, and all crooked paths will be “destroyed with the brightness of his coming.”

So, as Christians who expect the Light of the world to come and reveal all dark and crooked things, let us walk in His Light now, brighter and brighter until the Day of the Lord comes—which will be darkness and not light.

However, as servants of Light, we will shine anyway—and it will be clear who is of Jesus and who is not. Darkness will have darkness. Light will have Light. And though the darkness will try to destroy us, He who is Light and Life will come and reveal it all—and when Life, Light, and Truth comes to a world of death, darkness, and lies—that world will become nothing but stubble.

So, let us continue to seek Jesus. Find out the crooked paths. Find out the straight and narrow path. Live truth and righteousness and speak truth and righteousness. In so doing, your enemies are made stubble—metaphorically—as they rave and fight against the ways of our God, thereby revealing their true nature to themselves, the world, and to God—and He will avenge.

Do not be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. Be sure that you are in fact walking in His paths according to His Spirit, because many are of their father the devil who claim to be of Jesus—and we can also do the will of the devil at times if we are not careful.

Learn about the matters you are concerned about. Find them out. See where they come from and where they lead. Self-assess and look to Jesus. Try to convert the lost. Hold hope for all. Walk in humility and mercy, and trust in Jesus. With “eyes before and behind and within” we will see and we will be good stewards—and to God be glory and dominion forever and ever!

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