To the Christians of the United States

I’ve wrestled with many ideas over the years, and this is what I believe is right. I hear no booming voice from the heavens, but the Spirit of the Lord speaks, and we can learn to listen. Am I hearing Him or is my own heart speaking? If Jesus is the King of my heart, and I believe Him to be, then these words should be true. However, many are deceived, and I am in no wise worthy that I should not be one of them. I also know that I have room to grow, and there are many things I cannot see clearly.

So, I say this for the sake of transparency and so you can judge for yourself, lest anyone be deceived by me. I trust that, if I am a fool, Jesus will not allow those He loves to be pulled astray by me. Do not put your trust in man, and certainly not in me, but in Jesus. However, because I want to be a faithful servant and that means freely giving anything I have received to my brethren, I am going to share these thoughts:

This is to the Christian people of the United States of America.

Having our liberties stripped away is wrong, and since we live in a democracy, we the people of this nation are responsible for the direction our nation is going. Therefore, speaking up about these wrongs is an upright thing to do. This is our nation, and many Christians want to fight to take our nation back.

On one hand, we should do what we can with faith in God who can deliver us. However, there is another Kingdom that we as Christians are to seek—and what if the kingdom of our nation is in opposition to Christians receiving the most precious Kingdom: The Kingdom of Heaven?

It is true that the United States is one of the greatest nations to ever exist—yet for all her greatness, she went astray—and so did the Christians within her because she was purported to be a Christian nation of self-governing people. However, the people gave into much wickedness, and many of the establishments within Christianity have also.

What if, it is the mercy of God to give this nation over to the hand of the enemies of His people so that we can return to a love of righteousness, a love of the brethren, and a love of Jesus above the comforts of this world and the pleasures of sin?

What if God gives our Christian establishments and structures into the hands of the enemy, not to destroy us, but so that we can lay aside the petty disputing among us, stop looking to men as our leaders, and start looking to Jesus?

What if our “gatherings together” are unpleasing to God because they bear so little fruit, and though many honor Jesus with their lips, their hearts are far from Him?

All things that happen are ordained of God. There is no cosmic battle between good and evil that the Lord does not have total control over—and as for those who trust in Him—all things are for our good. We can trust in Him.

However, by and large, there is some repenting that needs to be done—not because we can be taken from Jesus or cast off—but because He chastens those He loves.

I do not expect Christians to “take the country back” as many within the evangelical realm claim they will, because I believe we are preparing to receive a new kingdom, and the kingdoms of this world are preparing to receive their own. Those that love death will have him, and they will love him. Those that love Jesus will have Him—and He will keep us.

Though many might die, we will live in the resurrection—both in heart and bodily. Though the world is confused and devoured by death, Jesus will reign in our hearts and the Kingdom will come to us, strengthening us, preserving us, and setting much right that has gone wrong within the Christian faith—not structurally or systemically, but in spirit as we learn to walk after the Spirit and not the letter. In order to do so, death must reign for a time. It is for our good, though it will not be easy.

I don’t know if the end times in the final sense is approaching, but I believe that a type of end times is coming. It could be a kind of precursor, or a kind of false end times. In any case, do not expect to take our nation back without returning to Jesus, because by and large we are no better than the unbelievers. There are many ways in which Christians need to return to Jesus, but placing Him first by learning to keep His commandments of love for God and our neighbor is a summation of it all.

All that we have exalted above Him are brought down—all things that we murder each other over, all things that we use to justify living in sin, all things that we use to misuse the word of God and abuse the blood of the Word of God. All things that are keeping us from the Kingdom that really matters will be removed—and many “candlesticks” will follow suit.

Do not be overly discouraged when all that we love and trust in comes down. Do not think that God has forsaken His people. Many will accuse you of this. Many will say that God has cast off His people because of their sin. Many will make you question your faith and they will pressure you to deny Jesus. Let no man accuse you. Yes. Christians have gone astray, but Christians also wear the blood of the lamb of God who is faithful and true. He will not leave us and no man can take us out of His hand.

Even so, many will lose what they “seemed to have” and this is shown through their lack of trust in Him, causing them to fear man more than God, and it is man they will worship—though they may still claim to be Christian. “In works they deny Him,” meaning they do the will of their father, the devil, even if Jesus is on their lips. It sounds confusing, but it will be seen clearly by those who trust in Jesus and look to their own hearts instead of accusing those around them.

Seek Jesus and know that no matter what happens, even if it does not appear to go well for Christians, He is in control and all things are working together for our good. He will redeem us. He will avenge us.

We need to remember His ways and turn to Him. Fear God more than man and He will keep you. He will teach you. He will lead you. He will take care of you. So, stand up for what is right, but do not be deceived when things do not go the way you want them to go—and the way many within evangelical Christianity say they will go—because they do not know the will of God for us.

And this is very important: in standing up for what is right, take great care that you do not give into the ways of the enemy: lust, love of sin, flattery, lying, envy, greed, theft, resentment, pride, accusation, holier-than-thou self-righteous indignation, murder, fear, and unbelief. That is the great trial of our time. It does not matter if you stand up for what is right if you do so in the wrong way.

If you cannot keep yourself in this, then it is best that you focus on getting your own house in order because the violent will die by violence. It is only by trusting in Jesus that we can escape so great a temptation. The world is ready to destroy itself, and we should not participate in this—but we should know that all things are working according to the perfect will of God.

Those who are strong enough in the faith and know how to keep their vessels should speak out. They should fight for this nation, but do not be surprised if all your fighting is in vain. Those who know what is wrong within the Christian nation and who can keep their vessels should speak out, but do not be surprised if all your fighting is in vain. Though it seems in vain, it is not..

It is good for those who can speak to speak, because failing to do so is another kind of temptation. We should be faithful to what we are given. Each Christian has their own priorities to consider and their own walk in Jesus to find—but Jesus is the way and He is in control.

Find out what He would have you to do, then go do it. Do it mightily in the Spirit what is Holy and True, and through prayer, self-reflection, and repentance keep yourself from the accusations and temptations of the enemy.

Jesus will avenge. He will make our enemies plain as the times sift the wicked from the just, but as the just, we know that if it were not for Jesus we would be among the wicked too. If it were not for the grace of God, we would be no better. Be thankful, praise God, and in humility, patience, faith in Jesus, and love for our enemies we will overcome. We will have peace and clarity despite all the confusion and fear in this world because we know that our Lord reigns and He will reign. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. He will redeem and the work He will do is mighty within us. This is a blessed time!

Yet, do not be deceived. A false Christ will come to restore all things, but if we know the ways of our Lord, Jesus, and the ways of the enemy, Satan, we will not fall for it. We can see the ways of both at work now—so choose wisely. Jesus will cause all who He loves to hear His voice. Those who follow Him will follow Him, and those who follow Satan will follow Satan. We will walk in the way our God and our Father and they will walk in the way of their god and their father.

Do not give into death that can only bring death. We have Life on our side. Though many Christians will die, this is the will of God for them. It is protection from temptations they could not bear. So, be at peace. Trust in the Lord. He will overcome—and indeed He already did—and so will we.

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