How I Judge Forgiveness and Unforgiveness (Clarification)

What do I mean when I say, “Maybe if the Holy Spirit gives you the right words, they will repent. If not, they will die. It is a sad reality.”

Please do not take this in a literal sense as an excuse to harm someone. I do not advocate violence. I sometimes say things that are provocative because we are dealing with a serious matter, but then I realize how my words can be misused. If we find ourselves in a place in which we find no mercy, then we are dead in our sins.

How can we find freedom and life if we think that we are alive already, but dead? That is what I mean.

It can also be taken in this sense: If a person so grievously sins against us, they can become dead to us metaphorically unless they hear the voice of Jesus and come out of their grave, repent, and rise through proper reverence for the gospel.

We never forget this: The time comes that whosoever will kill you will think they do God’s service, and this they will do because they have not known the Father nor me,” says the Lord, Jesus.

I believe there will come a time in which many claim to be Christians but kill others–and they could do so thinking that they are saving their soul. They might justify themselves with scripture, thinking that they must destroy the flesh so that the spirit can be saved. This is speculation on my part, so take it as such.

If someone must be destroyed so that they can be saved, that is for God to handle because vengeance is His. If and when He does so, He will send and enemy to perform this work–an enemy who God will later destroy. We do not take this upon ourselves. We speak the truth, and if they do not hear, then they are dead.

Of course, this is in the context of dealing with serious issues of damaging sin that harms others without any accountability, and all things are judged on a case by case bases, and we seek the Spirit to help us know what is right.

Mercy is always best. Sometimes, in very rare cases, it is mercy to allow a person to face the consequences for what they have done, because forgiveness only enables them and leaves them trapped in their sin and in death.

There are multi layers of forgiveness. You can forgive in one sense, not letting resentment take hold. You can continue to hold hope for the person to heal and change, and we should hope that all will face a desirable judgment of God. Yet, we do not forgive them in the sense that they should be held accountable rather than free from the consequents of their actions. I hope that makes sense. Feel free to comment as always.

**This post was added to the bottom of the previous post as well as a precaution. It is scary at times to think of how our words can be misused. I will try to be more careful.**

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