Considering Proverbs 10:1

The proverbs of Solomon. A wise son maketh a glad father: but a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.

If we consider wisdom as synonymous with godliness, as described in earlier chapters of the Proverbs, then we can see how a father would be glad to have a wise son. We can also consider how an ungodly and foolish son would bring grief to his mother.

However, I cannot help but think of the failings of the parents of our generation.

Before I get into this, please know that I do not accuse anyone in particular; I know some great parents, and I sympathize with those who struggle. So do I.

Even so, there is a pandemic of failing our sons, and this has everything to do with a society that embraces godlessness and foolishness.

It seems that many fathers and mothers create foolish, ungodly children—and what’s worse is when the parents are glad to do so.

It amazes me when parents find sassy, misbehaved kids to be cute and funny.

It amazes me that some parents think it is trendy to have a gender fluid child, so they push that agenda onto their sons—sons who were obviously very boy-like before being girly became a cool thing to do.

Our little boys are robbed of any attribute that will make them strong men who respect and protect women.

Our little boys are supposed to sit still and be quiet; rough housing with other boys is discouraged and shamed; creativity is driven out of them; and the need to compete is quenched by our participation trophy society.

Our boys are fed garbage media and entertainment that encourages fornication, selfishness, and pride—while also doing everything possible to neuter them.

Our boys are sent off to public school where they are emotionally abused and made into obedient little pons of Carl Marx.

Mothers and fathers are selfish, child-like, and lack the proper discipline necessary to run a household and discipline their own children.

Children are either allowed to run wild because their parents don’t know what to do with them, or they are stifled by helicopter parents who are afraid that their precious little boy might get a boo boo.

Our boys are fat, lazy, and afraid of sweat and hard work. Don’t worry, mommy will do it all for you.

Mom shaming, as terrible as it was, has been replaced with enabling of terrible mothering with statements like, “if your kid is still alive, you’re doing a great job! Go have some more wine. You deserve it.”

Fornication is rampant, leading to single parent homes; single mothers are praised while the fathers are shut out—and many fathers take that free pass and run as far as they can because women today have lost their minds.

Modern-day feminism is a huge disservice to our sons—and a lot of today’s problems stem from this insane movement.

So much could be said about this, and as disheartening as it all is, I sympathize a great deal with parents today. I was not a good parent either and I understand the many influences that strip us of our ability to raise wise sons.

However, I think that some measure of natural affection should take hold and cause even the worst of mothers to face herself and grow for the sake of her kids.

I know some moms who did just that, and I am so proud of them. It’s hard to be a good mom when you don’t have the right tool box, but I know that Jesus has the tools and He can give them to us and change the damage within our hearts and minds that make it impossible to wield those tools effectively.

I feel bad for the mothers who want to raise their sons right, but don’t know how (often due to their own abusive parents), then have to deal with mom shaming on one side and enabling of child neglect on the other.

I feel bad for the mothers who were duped by feminism, then when they became mothers found themselves without necessary support.  

I feel bad for the fathers that live in a culture that has abandoned them, made their job of no importance, and turned men into child-like abuse victims of a radical feminist culture with no sense of responsibility or natural affection for women and children.

How did this happen?

The terrible mothers and fathers of today did not sprout up out of nowhere; the mothers and fathers before them and the ungodly society they perpetuated created them—and they in turn create more ungodly sons and daughters.

It’s amazing how the parents of the previous generation scoff at how terrible the parents of their grandchildren are; you created these parents! You babied them, enabled them, spoiled them, encouraged wicked living, and emotionally abused them. It’s no wonder we have child-like adults trying to raise children—and failing miserably.

This problem has perpetuated over many generations, and this snowball effect is reaching a point of climax. That snowball is going to come crashing down, and all generations will feel the effects.

I feel bad for our sons, and I shudder to think what the next generation will be like if our parents do not return to the ways of Jesus and wise child rearing.

I am thankful to know that even the worst of us can change if we turn our hearts to Jesus. He changed me and keeps changing me, and He can change you too.

If you want support that is compassionate but not enabling, reach out anytime. My kids are not that old, so I don’t have the most experience, but I have some experience in re-raising poorly parented kids and I know that often means reparenting yourself first. I know it is extremely hard to do, but with God all things are possible.

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