Study to Show Yourself Approved

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I have spent many hours considering the resurrection. As a Christian, I consider it my duty to consider all Christian teachings for myself prayerfully to the best of my ability. To simply take what we are told without doing the work ourselves is lazy, and not the mark of a faithful servant…though I understand the many reasons why we would willingly accept the teaching of our people in authority.

I could probably quote myself, attach the name of Spurgeon or Graham to it and more people would accept it than if I did not (I would not do that, just an amusing thought). For the record, I like Charles Spurgeon, and I do not accuse any man of being falsely appointed. The above was stated to make a point.

We trust our Christian institutions more than we trust the Spirit of God. We choose our kings just as God’s people chose Saul. When the Lord does the choosing, we reject them…and again…I get why. We should not accept just anyone as appointed by the Lord. Jesus said that many false prophets would arise and show signs and wonders to seduce us. If you think what I teach is false, then I get it.

I do not want anyone to take me at my word just because I said so…and there is little risk of that…but I do encourage you to study for yourself.

I have spent nearly 6 years combing the New Testament, verse by verse, comparing verses painstakingly and questioning everything I believed.

I realize that is not that long, especially when dealing with the word of God. So, I am still teachable and I continue to learn and refine my positions.

I also realize that the most important knowledge is Christian living, and Lord willing I have many more years of this to experience.

Even so, my 6 years of study is longer than most pastors go to seminary, and they don’t go so that they can learn from the scriptures and the Spirit. They go so that they can learn from other men…men who disagree and have formed several splinter groups of the Christian faith.

In the truth, we are one, and there are truths that are more important than others. Jesus is Truth, and in Him we can disagree on much and still be united.

I changed my views on many things…but Jesus is still Lord. I know that no true believer can fall away, but many can go astray. He will not allow any to go astray in any measure for long. Just as we hear the gospel by preaching, we should hear corrections of false teachings that accrued over the generations by preaching…but not by preaching that comes out of a corrupt system of old wine skin denominations.

We should also recognize that we are all but men, so we make mistakes. I know I have, and I do not want a following because I know that I am faulty and I do not want to be another “king.” Jesus is King. We should not trust in man, but in Jesus. He is the best teacher, and those who seek will find.

As for the resurrection, here is a long (and maybe hard to read) article I composed almost two years ago. It is easy to complicate this topic, but it is really very simple (see my last post).

I post this article for those who want more information.…/considering-the…/

I will go through this series and republish it on this website at some point, Lord willing.

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