Why I Believe in Jesus—When I Called, He Answered

Like many Christians, I was raised to believe in the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, being raised in the faith within a largely Christian society is not why I believe in Jesus.

There are several reasons why I believe. One of the most substantial reasons is that He answered when I called out to Him.

Though I was raised a Christian, I lived a worldly life. Eventually, the consequences of an ungodly life came crashing down on me. In desperation, I prayed to Jesus. I did not notice an answer, but I felt enough relief to keep me from going through with a suicide plan.

I was also led to a series of Online bible studies, and I began to learn more about the Christian faith in a way that spoke to me and inspired me to take the faith more seriously.

This might seem like a small thing to some, but to me this was huge. I knew that Jesus heard me. I knew that He saved me from death, and He was leading me towards Him.

Jesus has answered in many ways since that time.

He answered when He sent me the Holy Spirit. He answers hard life circumstances through the council of other believers. He opens my understanding of the scriptures and various Christian topics. He answers prayers by calling specific scripture to my remembrance or by redirecting my thoughts.

These also might seem insignificant to some, but these interactions with Jesus mean more to me than I can explain. I know Jesus is there. I know He hears, and I know He cares.

Jesus was not always important to me, but the more important to me He becomes the more I hear Him. The more I hear Him the more I know that I need to hear Him, and He becomes even more precious.

Calling out to Jesus through prayer can feel strange if you’re not used to it, but my entire life was changed by that one prayer. I did not recite a special prayer or tract. I called out to Jesus in my desperation and He took over. He made Himself the Lord of my life in a way that I could not resist, and I know Jesus is alive and leading me. He is more real than anything else I know.

I plan to write weekly testimony articles like this one on Tuesdays. I also want to share testimonies of other believers. If you have a story you would like to share or if you have a question about my experience with the faith that you’d like to hear more about, please reach out.  

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