Submitting My Understanding to the Judgment of My Fellow Servants

The gospel is simple enough that a child can understand. I love that about the gospel. Yet, I cannot help but see things in a broader context when considering present-day Christianity in the United States.

I have a lot of contradictory ideas in my mind at the same time and condensing it all into a simple truth has not been easy for me to do, and I’ve been wrestling with these ideas for several years. I don’t take it lightly. I don’t say that to brag of my sincerity, but I do want people to know that I care and getting to this point has not been easy.

I do believe that I have some understanding regarding the judgments of God for Christianity in the United States. Yet, I also know that blindness is called blindness for a reason, and maybe I am sincerely deceived.

So, we must judge one another in the faith. I submit this to the judgement of my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, and I welcome any discussion. That is why I write this.

The Problem

I believe that there is a lot of corruption within Christianity in the United States. In most basic terms, these issues include:

Exalting Man Above Jesus.

When our loyalties to Christian sects cause us to forget the ways of Jesus, then we are placing man above God.

We have the liberty in Christ Jesus to hold differing views. However, when we are faced with an obvious error but refuse to repent for fear of man, we are in danger of judgment.

When we begin to slander, accuse, or otherwise harm people who disagree with us, we are placing our views above the love of Jesus, and we are in danger of judgment.

When we point out the flaws of other sects while refusing to consider our own, we are in hypocrisy and we are in danger of judgment.

When we place our trust in man, government, or politics over trust in Jesus, we are in danger of judgment.

Misusing the Word of God.

There are many ways we misuse the word of God—both in terms of the scripture and in terms of Jesus who is the Word of God.

The way we use the written word, and the way we receive the Word, judges us because both are a sharp two-edged sword that reveals our hearts to God.

We all make mistakes in how we handle the written word, but there is a level of carelessness and faithlessness that is offensive to God.

When we cherry pick scriptures to suit our views and to condemn others who oppose, we are in danger of judgment because we are using the word of God to harm another.

When we cherry pick scriptures to create doctrines that lead people away from Jesus instead of to Him, we are in danger of judgment because we are using the word of God to slander the Word of God, and this in turn harms many.

When we cherry pick scriptures and create legalistic regulations and ostracize those who do not follow suit, we are in danger of judgment because we neglect the spirit of the matter and the Spirit who could make us free, instead using our righteousness which is filthy rags and therewith accuse and condemn others while leaving them in slavery to sin.

When we take the sacrifice of Jesus—who is the Word of God—and use this as an excuse for sinful living without repentance, we are in danger of judgement. This is not the same as on-going and honest struggle with sin. We all struggle with sin. We all need grace and mercy. This is about a disrespectful attitude, and God will judge it.

When we take the sacrifice of Jesus—who is the Word of God—and forget mercy towards others, we are in danger of judgment. There are a lot of harsh, judgement minsters out there who are ready and willing to condemn any believer who struggles with sin honestly or disagree in doctrine. There are many who are without mercy, and they are in danger of facing God without mercy.

Hatred of the Unbelievers.

Many Christians want to blame the unbelievers for the state of our nation, but I think that is a serious error. We should recognize that judgment begins at the house of God.

When trouble comes, it is because the people of God have gone astray. In-part, we have gone astray in how we deal with unbelievers in general. We were hateful and overly harsh, lacked compassion, and tried to stifle sin with law instead of leading the sinful to the love and healing of Jesus.

Now we have push back, and they are gaining ground. Yet, instead of learning from our mistakes, we only ramp things up to match their level of push-back. This will only make things worse.

We need to remember the love of Jesus and try to lead people to Him. We need to be an example of Him. Evil will not overcome evil.

I could spend hours upon hours going into these issues in depth, and maybe I should. I don’t know. For now, here are the basics and I submit these to you.

The Consequences

I believe that these issues will lead to severe chastisement of our nation. I don’t know when. I believe that these issues could be the very issues that warrant delivering our nation—and our world—into the hands of Satan.

Just as Paul the apostle delivered some to Satan, so shall we be delivered to Satan when he is cast down to the earth. This will happen because we, as a Christian whole, have welcomed him.

Our churches, by and large, can be characterized as lovers of Satan because of our love of sin, our accusation and slander of other believers, our hatred towards unbelievers and believers alike, and our tendency to place man above God.

However, as Christians, we need to know this important truth:

God will not leave us nor forsake us, and all things are working together for our good.

We Christians should desire to see the Kingdom of Heaven come. Can the Kingdom of Heaven come and dwell alongside our corrupt Christian kingdom? No.

Our corruptions must be torn down first. When all that we have placed higher than Jesus is laid low, we will know. We will turn to Him and repent. He will strengthen our hearts and we will rejoice in knowing that even though our world is given to Satan, Jesus will return and avenge our blood.

Many Christians will die for the faith, and this is an honor. We can take solace in knowing that our unfaithfulness in-part led to this, and we can take comfort in knowing that God purposed all of this and He is oh so wise and merciful.

We also need to know that when Satan comes, many who call themselves Christian will join with him and the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon will be fully matured. Those who call themselves Christian but are not of us will be swept away by this deception.

My Aim

This is why I encourage all believers to distance themselves from the corruptions within the Christianity of the United States, as much as is possible. I do not encourage forsaking all church going. I do not encourage harming others. I do not encourage harming churches. I do not encourage accusation and slander. I do not encourage creating a new Christian denomination or cult.

I do encourage all Christians to take the faith seriously and to trust in Jesus, and I do not accuse those who are serious already. I also try to refrain from judging individuals in general. I do believe that we can all grow, and I encourage continued growth over stagnancy.

Even so, the scriptures will be fulfilled, and we will not change that. Things will go dark eventually.

When things go dark, trust in Jesus. Throw yourself at His mercy and have faith in His love for you. That is always better than fearing His judgment and wrath. Chastisement might feel like wrath, but as it is written, “look to the sky for your redemption is nigh.”

Trust. Do not be afraid. Get to know Jesus while you can, and the closer you are to Him the easier it will be to withstand that day.

I trust in the grace of God, and I know that ultimately, He will show mercy on who He will, and who He will He hardens. All things boil down to grace, and I pray that the grace of God in Jesus will abound to our Christian nation.

Even so, it could be in part the grace of God for myself and others to speak out about these issues so that many can repent. How can we repent if we do not know our errors?

I have done all of these things in some measure. I sympathize. I know Jesus is merciful and He will not allow any of his “lost sheep” to go astray for long.

Thank you to all who took the time to read this. There is so much to get into here, and all this weighs heavily on my heart daily. Please pray for me, and please do not hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts. Again, I submit this to your judgement. Lord willing, I will get into the depths of these matters, if these are in-fact His judgments. If not, Lord willing, I will repent.

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