Exhortation to Keep Building

Things have been hard for so many people lately. Things have been hard for me too, and it seems that difficulties are ramping up rapidly. Today, I felt the weight of it all. I feel like there are enemies on every side and within, trying to tear me away from the work I am doing for the church and for our Lord, Jesus. I expect this to only worsen, and I fear that I do not have what it takes.

I wonder, how many people are out there, feeling just as I do? Although very few read the things I write as of now, maybe that will change one day. Maybe not. In any case, I received some reassurance and I want to pass that on.

I was led to the book of Nehemiah. I need to study this book more, but I think I understand this much:

Whatever it is that God has commanded you to do, though you might have many enemies who would try to stop you, keep building. Our people have gone astray and lead many into bondage, but there is hope. Keep building. We are not alone; many fellow servants are at work. It will all come together. Keep building. Guard your hearts in Jesus, so that the enemies will not enter in. Keep the Word faithfully and teach others to do the same.

We serve a powerful and merciful God, and Jesus is faithful to us. Whatever the Lord has given you to do, keep building, and pray for your fellow servants fervently.

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