Proverbs Study Clarification 2: Judgment

I appreciate people who can observe without making judgments, but that is not me. God created me to have a very judgmental nature. I have been highly judgmental from childhood. I’m always evaluating. I’m always deciding what I think about things, and I want to do what is right. My judgments have changed as my values and priorities change, but I cannot escape my nature, and I don’t think I’m supposed to.

One of the things I asked of the Lord several years ago was for understanding of His will. I asked for God to show me what He wants from His people, from His church, and what He is doing with us. I have continued to ask these questions, and I have a strong desire for His judgments. I did not fully realize what I was asking for, however. This is a fearful thing, but I cannot neglect the way God made me and what I have asked of Him and have received.

When I write things that are judgmental, maybe that is because they are supposed to be judgmental. I know that I will be judged by the judgments I make. However, I have replaced my desire for my own judgment with desire for Jesus and His judgments. If I am listening, then the judgments I make should be His.

What if I, knowing the judgments of God, fail to perform that which He judges as righteous? That is why we need the blood of Jesus. That is why we need mercy. That is why we need to understand the difference between judgement and sentencing. I believe there is a difference.

Judgment declares what is right and what is wrong. Sentencing is the punishment given after the judgment. I cannot sentence anyone.

The judgments of God I write concerning the Christian church today are true. However, there is always room for pardon, and our God is exceedingly merciful. I do not know how far His mercy extends, but I do know that the Christian church today for the majority are judged as having gone astray due to their abuse of the Word of God, both in terms of the way we misuse scripture and the way we take the blood of Jesus for granted.

Jesus paid for our sins, but what about abuse of His blood that was shed to establish the New Covenant? Does the blood of Jesus cover this? Can we use His blood to forgive abuse of His blood? We cannot sacrifice Jesus afresh. We would bring Him to an open shame. Lord, have mercy on your church.

The Word of God will fight against many. Even so, mercy is found and who can know the end thereof?

Of course, there are many who have not abused the Word of God. There are many faithful individuals within all denominations and there are many faithful individuals outside of mainstream Christianity. Even so, the system of the church–the “principalities and powers”–have gone astray and they must come down. One day, they will. I do not know when, though I have an idea of what that looks like.

In the tearing down of these “principalities and powers” many individuals will be judged also. However, God will judge it. Only He can judge the hearts of men, and the Day of the Lord will reveal much.

My judgement is limited to the “principalities and powers” in the realm of ideas that lead the hearts of many astray. I judge no person individually. I have been tempted to judge some individuals, and I removed myself from them in hopes that the Lord would work in their heart and mine.

With God, all things are possible. I hope for mercy for His church. Though I do judge, and I believe it is not my judgement but God’s, I also hope the best for the church at large and I know that all individuals who sincerely love Jesus and trust in Him will be saved. The blood of Jesus colors all judgment with mercy, and the sentence is life everlasting.

I do not hope for the destruction of anyone, but I do hope for the destruction of the “principalities and powers” that destroy mankind, leading many into defilement of the Covenant that was bought with a precious price.

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