Considering Proverbs 5:6-9

Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.

Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.

Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:

Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel:

We don’t want to be moveable in the sense that we are as “reeds shaken in the wind, tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.” However, we do want to consider things as fully as we can.

There are recent things written that I want to attempt to bring together more cohesively—particularly the attributes of the church and of our nation that seem to resemble the ways of the “strange woman.”

What are the attributes? This has to do with the way we treat one another. It has to do with false accusations, slander, and murderous intentions. It has to do with the hypocrisy of considering ourselves and our position to be right and superior as we point out the faults of the other party and ignore our own. It has to do with division of contention among our nation and among the household of the faith. It has to do with disloyalty to the ways of Jesus while honoring the wicked ways of this world as we embrace sinful living and ungodly culture.

These are the things we need to “come out of her” concerning.

Our country and our church can be separate and united or separate and divided.

Consider our country. We have states, and each state has their own power. We have the Federal government that oversees all. We have different political parties. This is well and good because it prevents too much power from accruing in one place and allows for each person to live according to his or her conscience.

However, the more polarized our views become, and the more we do the things mentioned above that are characteristic of the “strange woman,” the more division of the deadly sort we are going to see in our country.

Our Christian nation is the same. We have many different denominations and sects, but there is one Lord over all of them. This is well because it prevents too much power from accruing in one place and allows for each person to live according to his or her conscience.

However, the more Christians are caught up in the characteristics of the “strange woman,” the more division of a deadly sort we are going to see, and our Christian body will be conquered as it was in Israel—but in Jesus, we do not die. His blood forgives us, though He will chastise us for “beating our fellow servants.”

The more the nation and the church goes the way of the “strange woman” the more necessary it becomes that we do not go along with her, and it begins with the house of God.

Our pet doctrines and legalism are problems, though good comes from these things just as the division of states and political parties. Even so, we could come together more fully if we were able to consider the spirit of the scripture better. We can also agree to disagree on many things. That is fundamental. We do not want to overly control our brothers and sisters but allow for liberty so the Spirit can lead us and work on individuals according to His wisdom.

Many Christians are of this mind already. You can choose a demonization that best fits your views and still love other Christians. That does not make you of the “strange woman.” It is when we do as she does—which is also as Satan does—that we are like her.

I hope that makes sense.

We can go to church if we can find one that will accept us. The house that we do not want to come near is the spiritual house of Satan—the house of hypocrisy that slanders and lies, accuses, murders, and considers itself to be above all while embracing sinful living and all manner of life contrary to the teachings of Jesus.

The house of Satan and the “strange woman” is found spiritually within all Christian denominations and sects, just like the real body of Christ is found spiritually among all Christian denominations and sects.

Though divided, we are united in Him, and I do hope that one day our Christian brothers and sisters will find greater unity so that our country—a nation founded on Christian ideas—will not be overtaken by the “strange woman.”

The freedoms we enjoy and the good attributes that underpin the foundation of our nation are based in Christ. Without Christ, you cannot have a self-governing people. You will have authoritarianism, and this will bring more accusation, strife, murder, and so on.

We do not want to “give our honor to others and our years to the cruel.” We need to consider the hard truths concerning our nation and our church, but we can do so with patience and love because we are all faulty humans. We do not take up vengeance. We do not harm anyone. As Jesus said, we are to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

The ungodly will destroy themselves. The ungodly nation will turn on itself, our churches, and on Christianity, and they have begun to do so already. This is God’s will as written in Revelation 17 and in Revelation 2-3 when God threatens to “remove your candlestick out of its place.” This is a means of His chastisement for those who are caught up in the ways of the wicked, “strange woman.”

Therefore, we need to “come out of her” now and I expect this journey out will continue to become more necessary as she matures. God willing, she will not. God willing, our nation will pull through and Christianity will thrive in a prosperous land.

Whatever happens, we know that God is in control and all things are working out for our ultimate good. Whatever happens to our nation and to Christianity within our nation, we know that our true loyalty and nation is the Kingdom of Heaven, and Jesus will not allow His kingdom to be taken over.

Please do not fall into accusation, and please do not use my writings to do so. There is a “Great Whore of Mystery Babylon” but we do not attribute that to our fellow servants. There is a distinction that needs to be understood, and we can deceive ourselves into thinking that we stand against her when we are actually of her. It is so easy to do. We need to “come out of her.”

There is the spirit of The Accuser, The Slanderer, The Murderer, The Liar, and He who “exalts himself above God.” We are not of that spirit. We are of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, and in Him, we are united, and we can find even greater unity (I believe we will of necessity). In Him, we have an everlasting habitation no matter what happens on this earth.

What about myself? I have been tempted by “the strange woman.” As someone who found herself on the outskirts of Christian denominations and politics, I wrestled for several years with this spirit because I could either see everyone as an enemy or love everyone, and my corruption of heart was more aligned with viewing everyone as an enemy and desiring that Jesus would “call down fire from heaven” and destroy it all. I did not know “what spirit I was of.”

Now, I want to focus most on what we have in common. I want to focus most on the goodness we can bring to this world. I want to focus most on building one another up. However, there are matters of rot as mentioned in the last article that need to be dealt with—and I know these matters because I have fought them within myself—and it is not what we might naturally think. I still fight. She is a present force of temptation for me, so if she bares her fangs please pray for me. Jesus will deliver me fully from her, and I know He will deliver us all.

I am working on communicating these issues better, so thank you to those who are patient with me and who pray for me.

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