Considering Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

There are a lot of scriptures about the importance of trusting in the Lord. For a Christian, faith and trust go hand in hand, but we don’t always trust in Jesus as we should. In-fact, we often don’t. However, I know that the Lord is good at providing us with everything we need to grow. If we need to go through difficult times so that we can see Him provide for us, then we will. We will learn to trust in Him.

Our natural understanding is in opposition to trusting in Jesus. Our natural understanding trusts in the things of this world. We place our trust in the people around us, our government, our economy, our religious leaders, technology, and ourselves. We place our trust in the wisdom of this world instead of the wisdom of God.

We’ve likely all heard the saying, “let go and let God.” However, it is not so easy to let go. Sometimes the Lord takes things from us forcibly. I don’t know what God is up to, but I try to understand. I see things that are happening in this world, then I think about the attributes of God that I can see in the scriptures and through personal relationship with Jesus. I see patterns that repeat in the scriptures and in history. I don’t presume to know why things are happening, but I do have some ideas.

I know that God is in control of all things. All things are working according to His will. I know that when a people of God go astray, He will send an enemy. This enemy is doing exactly what God wants it to do. In the end, God will destroy this enemy, but while the enemy is given power, His people are afflicted. Why are they afflicted? Why are we afflicted?

They do not trust in God, but instead they trust in this world. They do not worship God, but instead they worship this world. They profess to be of God, but they deny His ways. They hate those who do love God sincerely and who try to bring the people of God back to Him before His wrath comes.

Even so, God is with those who are faithful to Him. There is always a remnant. If we are faithful, let’s consider what this means for us.

Although contrary to our natural understanding, let’s try not to think of this time negatively and fearfully. Can we rethink what is happening, finding peace in God and knowing that all things are His will and all things are working for the good of those who love Him sincerely?

The more it becomes inconvenient to be a Christian, the more the infiltrators will leave us. The more our Christian institutions are hindered the more we have control given to the individual and small, local communities. The more we have the comforts of this world taken from us, the more we will focus on the Kingdom of Heaven.

Christians of a truth will band together, not run to the enemy. Christians of a truth will not be “taken” by the deceptions of this world and the vanity of man’s attempts at establishing heaven on earth but will stand fast in the truth and in love for one another as it should be.

It will not matter which denomination we are of; it will not matter what race we are of; it will not matter what gender we are of. WE will show the world what peace on earth and good will toward man looks like as we separate ourselves from this world. They will try to “take the kingdom by force” but we will LIVE such a life by Jesus alone! They will hate us for it. They will kill us for it. Jesus will raise us from the dead because we will TRUST in HIM!

I don’t know how bad things will get, but I know that we should trust in Jesus no matter what. If you are convicted to make a stand and do your part to bring light to the situation as a responsible part of this world, there is nothing wrong with that. Trust in Jesus while you do so, and maybe it will be God’s will that we take our nation back. However, if we do so, we need to understand that things must change. Things do not need to go back to the way they were because the way things were is steeped in wickedness.

If we do not repent for the wrongs of this nation and of our Christian nation, then why should God help us? Are we any better than the enemy? Should we think that “no harm will come to us?” By and large, we have not been one whit better. We were proud. We were self-righteous, we pushed people away from the Lord through over-regulation and hatred for sinners. We worshiped television preachers and soft Christian media that watered down the gospel to make it more pleasing to the world and now the world is consuming us. Unless WE repent, God will not be there to save us.

Yet He will save us. He will save us by destroying us, and if that is what it takes then so be it. In any case, we must trust in Jesus. Seek Him and His kingdom first, so that we might live. Though we die—and should die and deserve to die because we did not “occupy” properly, then we trust in the mercy of Jesus who will raise us from the dead.

We Christians have work to do. Now is a good time to be faithful servants who are busy about the Lord’s business. Each man will act according to His conscience and the Lord will direct our paths. The body of Christ will work together to help one another thrive in this time no matter what the outcome will be.

However, we also need to be ready to repent, each individual according to his or her conscience, remembering that judgment begins at the house of God, and also remembering that in Jesus we are passed from judgment to life. Go to Him. You cannot hide from Him, but don’t think you can mock Him either by abusing the sacrifice of His Son. Many have, and many will not stand because of it.

I believe the things written here are true, but it is as if looking through a dark glass. So, again I want to say that these ideas are based on what I know of God through the scriptures, getting to know Jesus, and through life. This is not based on a presumption to know God’s will in all things.

2 thoughts on “Considering Proverbs 3:5-6

  1. Thanks for this post.
    You clearly expressed what I have been thinking about too.
    The time for ‘soft Christianity’ has ended.

    We can no longer afford the prideful bickering that has divided and weakened us for so long.
    The Lord will ask his remnant to be courageous, and unified, and yes, as you rightly say, this will require personal repentance from all of us. 🤗🌷

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